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Black people leaving NYC, Chicago, and other big cities have their own reasons: Should we be concerned?

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What do you think is the reason?

Most recently, a trend has been noticed across the country and many of us are already worried about it. Black people have started leaving urban centers. This is, of course, due to the fact that they are worried about the safety, security, education and future of their children.

A report by New York Times indicates that black kids are especially vanishing from New York. The same is the situation of Chicago and other big cities.

The same report talks about Athenia Rodney who is a Black American and was raised in Brooklyn. She soon found herself struggling for survival. Her children had to share one bed and the living conditions were not favorable.

This is not the only black family leaving a big city. There are many such families and so many stories circulating online. In NYC specifically, the population of Black people has declined by about 150,000.

Should we be concerned about it?

Of course, we need to be as concerned about Blacks leaving Chicago and New York as we get worried when whites decide to move to another place.

One of the major reasons families are leaving these cities is the quality of education. Despite so many programs offered by New York and Chicago to benefit people, there seems to be a little for black people.

Also, the rents and property prices have skyrocketed, leading low-income families to make unexpected decisions. A Black household typically earns $53,000 a year. Compared to this, a white household earns up to $100,000.

There is a strong need for officials to help these people out. If their children are not getting quality education or they are facing housing problems, they must be provided with proper help, support and guidance.

What do you say about it?


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