NY Tuition Assistance Program: Apply for grants up to $5,665 because education is your right

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Living and getting educated in New York is like a dream for many of us. However, it is not possible for everyone to get admission to a top school, college, or university. This is because of two main reasons: (1). the acceptance rate is sometimes low, (2). the tuition or fees are extremely high.

Thankfully, the state already has a few plans or programs to benefit New Yorkers. For instance, Child Care Vouchers can help low-income, needy, and homeless people get financial help. Here is some information in case you are interested in these vouchers.

The Nutrition Program is ongoing to feed the hungry and about $234 million have recently been announced for maximum benefits.

When you have shelter and food, the next important thing is education. Of course, education is the right of everyone. Whether you belong to a low-income family or not, you must be willing to obtain a degree to secure your future.

For New Yorkers, a program is there called Tuition Assistance Program.

A brief overview of the Tuition Assistance Program

The New York State's Tuition Assistance Program can help you bear the costs of tuition. You must be a local and should be studying at an approved school to receive funds.

Also, TAP is available for students of SUNY. If you are not sure whether your school is an approved one or not, you can find details here.

The following income requirements must be met in order to get up to $5,665 in grants.

  1. The income shouldn't be more than $80,000 for a dependent student who is married.
  2. $40,000 is the income limit for someone who is a married and independent undergraduate student.
  3. $10,000 is the limit for a person who is unmarried and has no tax dependent.

Here is the link to apply.

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