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Millions of dollars for NY renters and homeowners: Get yourself registered

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Act now to get your money.

New York City is one of the most developed and populous cities. Therefore, its cost of living is higher than any other city or state in the United States.

From housing and utilities to food, transportation, healthcare, and goods and services, you will have to pay nearly 26 percent more than the regular price.

You have been paying lots of money in federal and state taxes, and surviving in this city with your family or giving them a good life is not easy.

Do you know a renter or homeowner spends 44 percent more on maintaining the house than people living in any other part of the country? These are the individuals who deserve financial support and there are many state and federal programs to ease their lives.

One such program is called Homeowner Assistance Fund.

What is Homeowner Assistance Fund?

The Homeowner Assistance Fund is a federally-funded program that can provide financial assistance to renters and homeowners. If you are at risk of default or have no money to pay bills or buy food, you can take advantage of this program.

The best thing is that people living in the state and the city could be eligible for the money. Millions of dollars are likely to be available, and this is your golden chance to get some financial help.

Join the waiting list and be ready to submit your application

Applications are likely to be accepted soon and interested homeowners can get themselves added to the waiting list. The complete details are found here.

In case of some confusion or concerns, you can contact the call center and speak to a live operator who will assist you with how to proceed further.

Will you submit your application to the Homeowner Assistance Fund?


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