Apply now and get your money: Millions being sent as state stimulus checks

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It could help you beat inflation.

In 2022, a large number of states have sent stimulus checks to help people resolve their financial issues to an extent.

Not all people who have received the checks are happy with the amount, but we have to understand that this is just an additional, temporary financial support for you and your family.

As the year is coming to an end, most stimulus payments have been paid to eligible residents. Still, there are a couple of states where payments will be made this month too.

Stimulus payments for Pennsylvania residents

Pennsylvania is one of those states where the new month will bring additional stimulus checks. It means qualified recipients will be able to bear extra expenses of holidays.

Let me tell you that you won't get the rent rebate or property tax payment as such. You will have to apply, and the payment will continue in 2023.

Generally speaking, the rebate is as much as $650. For some senior citizens, it is up to $975. If you received the property tax rebate last year, the 2022 rebate will be reduced by 70 percent of 2021's rebate.

In order to check your eligibility, you should see the Pennsylvania State Tax Guide. Most common terms are you should be at least 65 years old, or a widow of 50 years old. Individuals with disabilities are also eligible for the payment, but the annual payment should not be more than $35,000 for a homeowner and $15,000 for a renter.

Other states where such checks are being sent are New Mexico, Massachusetts, Illinois, Idaho, Colorado and California.

Have you received your stimulus check or you are still waiting for it? Please share your feedback in the Comments section.


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