Utah woman who married 11 men is looking for the 12th husband

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Will you marry her?

Personal relationships are not completely free of problems. Whether you live with your parents, siblings, or a life partner, you are likely to face challenges and you may get too tired and upset. But this doesn't mean your relationship will or should end.

Like all other relationships, marriage is a lifelong relationship that requires a lot of compromise, respect, love, and trust.

In a typical marriage, a young man and woman fall in love, tie the knot and promise to take care of each other and their kids for the rest of their lives.

However, it looks like for some people, marriage is a pastime and these are the individuals that don't take this relationship seriously.

A woman who married not one, not two, not five but eleven men is still looking for a husband. It may sound crazy to you but it's not so.

The name of this lady is Monette and she is proud of what she is doing or will do in her life.

She thinks that she cannot live with one man and that after marrying 11 different men, she has learned that she cannot be with a controlling or dominating person.

Monette doesn't seem to be satisfied with her marriages, and if I am not wrong, she will soon complete her century.

On TLC's reality show "Addicted to Marriage," Monette was invited with three other women to share their opinions about marriage and divorce. At first, this lady was hesitant to appear on screen but she decided to do so to explain what her serial nuptials have taught her.

According to the lady, she has been raised in Utah. Her first marriage lasted for 10 years and she never thought of ending every relationship with a divorce. However, her husbands did not come up with her expectations.

She has come in contact with a large number of people, and she has decided to marry another man to see if things work between them or not.

Will you be Monette's new husband? What are your opinions about this lady?


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