Be careful: You could see such snakes in Illinois

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Did you see them in your area?

Illinois is home to more than 36 species of snakes. They are present everywhere in the forest, marshes, grassland, ponds, stream, rivers, lakes, sloughs, and other areas.

If you see them in your backyard or another part of the house, please don't get panic because most of them can be carefully handled.

Here are a few simple tips:

  1. If you are unsure whether the snake is venomous or not, do not touch or try to catch it. Leave it alone and back away.
  2. Keenly observe if the snake has recoiled into a striking "S." In this situation, you should consider using a hook to keep it away.
  3. Wear your gloves and preferably a coat to ensure your protection. You can also cover your face.
  4. Please don't pin snakes or lift them by the neck.

During the winter, they mostly go underground and enter a state known as brumation. In this state, they will remain inactive and may be back when the weather changes.

Different types of snakes spotted in Illinois

At least 12 types of snakes have been found in Illinois:

  1. Garter snakes
  2. Ring-necked snakes
  3. Hognose snakes
  4. Kingsnake
  5. Watersnakes (found in the water)
  6. Mississippi green watersnakes
  7. Diamond-backed watersnakes
  8. Kirtland’s snakes
  9. Eastern massasauga rattlesnakes
  10. Timber rattlesnakes
  11. Cottonmouth snakes
  12. Copperhead snakes

Avoid going to the Snake Road

It is situated in the west of the Shawnee National Forest, and this is not a safe place to go. It is at the base of Inspiration Point in Jackson County. According to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, snakes migrate to and from nearby bluffs and the LaRue Swamp two times a year. Some of them make their way from cliffs to waters, and the Snake Road and other similar roads are closed for safety.

Have you ever come across a snake? How do you get to know if it is venomous or not?

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