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Homeless man in Los Angeles gives new hope to you and me

Mark Star

KTTV via Pexels

I have learned an important lesson from this man.

According to a report, nearly 69,000 people in Los Angeles are homeless. They spend nights out and many of them don't even have money to buy food.

The man whose name begins with "Q" is one of them. He has recently constructed a new house, and that's without spending too much money.

To be honest, this man a new hope for me and many of you who don't have thousands of dollars to buy a new house but want a place to call home.

These days, the man is drawing everyone's attention toward his small wooden house that he has built using wheels. He decided to build this small yet beautiful house after city officials asked him to not use a tent.

KTTV via Pexels

The clever US Army veteran says that he is living on the streets of Los Angeles for months. His tent was taken down, so he chose potted plants, an electric generator, and a tapestry to build a house for himself.

The house is sitting in the middle of the pavement of a busy Hollywood street. Police have no objection because they say that the house does not block any pavement, driveway, or business.

It means they will let the man live in his newly built, simple house, and the man feels good and happy about it.

Like "Q," the chance is many other homeless people will start building their temporary or permanent residences with little or no money. This comes as a new hope for everyone who is living in poor conditions and wants a positive change in life.

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