Why Are Some People Seeing Snakes in Their Georgia Homes?

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It looks like the snake season has started. You should keep them away.

You are in your backyard. You’ve got a cold drink in one hand and hamburgers in the other hand. Your kids are playing outside, running around, and making you feel good. In the meantime, a snake slithers up to the party. What will you do? In Georgia, snake sightings have become common. An incident has recently been reported.

The Incident of a Couple

A woman got afraid when she discovered 18 snakes in her bedroom. She was going to sleep, but she saw those snakes slithering underneath her bed.

Trish Wilcher and her husband Max were about to sleep in their Georgia home on Sunday night when the woman noticed that something was moving in their bedroom. “And then a second later another piece moved, and I went to my husband, ‘we have snakes,’” Trish Wilcher said.

In an update to Facebook, she revealed that they had turned the bedroom upside down in search of these creatures. The couple had found 17 babies and their mother. There is no information on which type of snakes entered the Wilchers’ property. However, Facebook users expressed their concerns. One of them wrote in the comments:

I would have died. But glad you found them before they got in bed with you. Glad I have cats.

Another one said.

I would consider purchasing a mongoose.

Snakes are active in Georgia and other parts of the country from April to October and hibernate during the cold months. This is probably the reason why Trish and her husband found numerous snakes in their bedroom.

Identify the Most Common Types of Snakes

Depending on your area or the type of house, you may deal with several snakes. They could be found in bushes, leaf piles, or storage areas. Snakes often slither by so quickly that it can be difficult to identify them if you don’t know what to look for.

Rat snakes vary in colors and patterns but feature a dark body with a light chin. Their heads are larger than their necks. They can climb and swim, so you may see them in the water or trees of your garden. Kingsnakes are the common backyard snakes. They have bands of color on their backs. They also have yellow, red, and black markings on their bodies.

Keep Snakes Away

Like Trish Wilcher and her husband, you may encounter one or more snakes. It is important to call animal control or pest control specialists if there are snakes in your bedroom or another part of the house.

Snakes can make their way to the house where people have a mouse problem. I suggest you contact snake specialists rather than getting panic. You should remember that it is illegal to kill a nonvenomous snake (O.C.G.A. 27-1-28). The misdemeanor offense is punishable by up to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine.

According to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, “Georgia Law allows the taking of certain native species — namely rats, mice, armadillos, coyotes, groundhogs, beaver, freshwater turtles, venomous snakes, frogs, spring lizards, fiddler crabs, freshwater crayfish, freshwater mussels, and nutria — because of their status as a nuisance or other reason."

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