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What Is the Chrysler Building Famous For?

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For quite a long time, the Chrysler Building has been a major architectural structure of New York.

The Chrysler Building is an Art Deco skyscraper in the Turtle Bay neighborhood on the East Side of Manhattan, New York City. Its height is 1,046 feet (319 m), and it is called one of the tallest brick buildings in the world. The construction of this building was completed in 1930. As of 2019, the Chrysler is the 11th tallest building in NYC.

It was originally a project of Senator William H. Reynolds. The construction was completed by Walter Chrysler, who was the head of the Chrysler Corporation. In the beginning, the construction of this building was characterized by competition with 40 Wall Street and the Empire State Building to become the tallest and most beautiful building in the world. It was originally designed and built for the car manufacturer, but the corporation didn’t pay anything for the project and could not own it. Afterward, Walter Chrysler planned to fund it so his kids could inherit the building.

The Height of the Building

If you are in New York City or have plans to go there this summer, you must see the Chrysler Building. There are so many things to explore there. One of the most notable things is its height. The Chrysler Building took the status of the tallest man-made structure from the Eiffel tower. For 11 months, it held this title. Later on, the Empire State Building was constructed, and this building removed the distinction of the Chrysler Building. However, it is still known for its iconic structure and beautiful interiors.

The Building Represents an Era

Besides, the Chrysler Building is representative of an era. The economic growth of the 1920s contributed to roaring consumer culture. This building reflects how people used to work in those days. American industrial capitalism encouraged various businessmen of that time to use their affluence to convey their stature through architecture. One such example is Walter P. Chrysler. He started an automobile company in Detroit and exploited his newfound prominence to highlight his social status. William Van Alen was hired to design a 77-floor skyscraper.

A Contender in the Skyscraper Race

It’s safe to say that the Chrysler Building had been a contender in the skyscraper race. It was the race for distinction, credibility, prominence, power, wealth, and height. So many rich people worked to win this race. They spent millions of dollars on skyscrapers and hired the best architects and interior designers. However, Van Alen and Craig Severance won the race. After Severance’s Bank of Manhattan Trust tower reached its height, Van Alen came up with his secret project. It was nothing but a 185-foot spire constructed and assembled inside the Chrysler Building.

The Best Time to Go There

The lobby of the Chrysler Building is open on weekdays. You can explore the building on weekends to avoid the rush of office workers heading to and from their jobs. I suggest you go there from 10:30 am to 11:00 am or 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

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