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Beware of the Bugs That Live in Your San Francisco Home

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Different types of bugs can cause problems for you if you are in San Francisco.

It doesn’t matter how urban you get in San Francisco, there is one type of wildlife that is impossible to escape and its name is a bug. I am not talking about ordinary bugs, but arthropods. They come in different forms, types, colors, and sizes. Some of them are called arachnids and myriapods, while others are inserts and crustaceans with which you and I share the space almost daily.

According to the team of scientists, students, citizens, and science communicators at Your Wild Life, bugs can be found in our kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and even bedrooms. It is not easy, and sometimes impossible, to escape them. They may not harm people living in different residential areas of San Francisco, but they can definitely spread germs and can cause different diseases.

In the video shared here, you can see how these experts have turned their attention to San Francisco and have stopped at different houses to trap and sample arthropod residents or bugs.

"We are all living with a ton of bugs in our homes," Dr. Michelle Trautwein of the Cal Academy of Sciences said. "I know that people don't love to hear that, but the truth is, most of the bugs we live with are completely harmless."

Insects of San Francisco Bay Area

The San Francisco Bay Area is home to a large number of insects, which means bugs are not only found in our homes but also outside the house. The most noticeable types of insects you will find there are butterflies, damselflies, dragonflies, grasshoppers, and beetles. They are found both in urban and rural areas. The San Francisco Bay Area has a high diversity of insect species because of the diverse environment. The juxtaposition of high insect diversity and an area extensively used by humans led to the first recorded extinction in the United States.

Ants and Bees

More than 100 species of ants are found in San Francisco homes and the Bay Area. The major ones are Bicolored Carpenter Ant, Dark Log Ant, Black Carpenter Ant, Odorous House Ant, Black Wood Ant, Shiny Wood Ant, Red Wood Ant, False Honey Ant, and Acrobat Ant. Besides, nearly 90 species of bees are found here, belonging to five families. They are Andrenidae, Apidae, Halictidae, Megachilidae and Colletidae. The honey bee is known to everyone, but Western Bumble Bee, Yellow-faced Bumble Bee, Green Metallic Bee, and European Wool Carder Bee should also be watched out for.

Wasps in San Francisco

Some local species of wasps you need to watch out for are European Paper Wasp, California Yellowjacket, Western Yellowjacket, Great Golden Digger Wasp, Black and Yellow Mud Dauber, and Blue Mud Wasp.

The type of insect or bug is not too important. What matters is how you prevent yourself from getting exposed to them and how you keep your house and outside area clean.

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