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For the first time, Sara Gilbert has revealed the truth about her first kiss with a girl. She was none other than Drew Barrymore. “I’m going to blush,” Sara Gilbert said on The Drew Barrymore Show. It happened when Sara and Drew worked together in the 1992 erotic thriller Poison Ivy. The first kiss of Sara Gilbert and Drew Barrymore was not easy, but it was the demand of the filmmaker. According to Sara Gilbert, it was her very first girl kiss.

Sara Gilbert on The Drew Barrymore Show


Sara Gilbert was invited to The Drew Barrymore Show where she was involved in a couple of interesting segments. One segment called Drew or False required her to answer a few questions. The actress was asked which statement was true between her having a tattoo of the infamous Rosanne couch, locking lips with Drew Barrymore for her inaugural female smooch, or her owning three cats named Tony.

Sara Gilbert said it was the option of her kissing Drew Barrymore. "The true one is C, my first girl kiss was with Drew," she admitted. "And now I’m not one to kiss and tell but I have to say -- look now I’m like going to blush -- Drew was the coolest person I ever met and yeah that's what happened."

What happened on the set of Poison Ivy?


Everything went down when Drew Barrymore and Sara Gilbert co-starred in this 1992 movie. Here Sara played the role of Sylvia who had to lock lips with Drew’s character called Ivy. They had to do so for a climactic scene. "Well, we were supposed to kiss in the movie and then we started practicing in the trailer which was kind of fun," Drew Barrymore explained while giving a sweet smile. Then Sara Gilbert added with a smirk "we had to practice. Right. It was really just us doing research."

Drew continued the conversation and said “exactly.” “We were like, 'Oh I guess we should practice because we wanted it to look good on screen.' We had so much fun. I remember, I feel like it was in the parking lot in Los Feliz, right? I feel like we had that little basecamp. I drove that jeep and I used to go get ice cream on lunch breaks and I was constantly getting into accidents. I think I got my license taken away on that movie."

Both of them continued the discussion. At a point, Sara said "I remember you dancing on the hood of the jeep. Yeah, you were a wild child in the best possible way. I was impressed, still am." Drew went on to say that she was quite impressed by Sara and asked if she had some advice about hosting a talk show. Drew asked this because she knew that Sara had been a part of The Talk for about nine years.

The lovely conversation between Drew Barrymore and Sara Gilbert


"Oh, you're doing such an amazing job," Sara said. "I mean, I think it's a perfect job for you because the people who do the best at it are authentic and you are -- you couldn't really be any other way. And you're so human and caring and it's just ideal. Are you loving it?" At this point, Drew had to hold her tears backs. She said "I really -- I love it a lot. I love it so much."

It looks like the 1990s was the time of funny and wild films. It was when two females were tested for their dedication to their work. Yes, I am talking about Drew Barrymore and Sara Gilbert. After a long time, they got the chance to meet and interact on The Drew Barrymore Show.

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