Deadly Illusions: The most-watched Netflix movie with the wildest ending

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It looks like everyone right now is talking about Deadly Illusions. This movie made its Netflix debut on March 18. At that time, it was premiered on number one in the daily charts. For two days, the film remained in the second position. It is a thriller Netflix movie that has Dermot Mulroney, Greer Grammer, and Kristin Davis in the leading roles. Besides, you can find Shanola Hampton, Shylo Molina, Marie Wagenman, and Melissa Chambers as the main characters. As of now, Deadly Illusions is the most-watched and discussed movie on Netflix. This is not only because of its great star performance but also its outstanding plot and of course, the wildest ending.

What Deadly Illusions is about?

The story is about Mary (Davis) who is a successful author of thriller novels. She is living happily with her husband Tom (Dermot Mulroney) and her beautiful kids. Once a publisher asks her to write a book series and offers two million dollars. At first, she does not accept the offer and says "you don't know me when I write. I become a different person." She is then forced to accept the offer as Tom has lost his estate due to a risky investment. Elaine (Shanola Hampton) tries to help her and suggests she should get a nanny through an agency. Mary has numerous bad interviews with caregivers, but Grace (Greer Grammer) seems to be a reliable person. She suffers from writer's block and decides to seek the help of Grace to get out of this uncertain situation.

Moving on, the story gets intense because Mary begins having what looks like a sexual fantasy about Grace. One day, Tom finds Grace and Mary having sex. Things get worsened when she finds Elaine dead. She is the main suspect of the crime and the police have many proofs that she is the criminal. I don’t think I should give more details on the story, as you will probably want to watch Deadly Illusions yourself on Netflix.

The wildest ending of the film

At the end of the movie, it is revealed that Grace is the murderer. The problem is that she is suffering from a mental disease she developed in her childhood. Let’s not get into more details and accept the fact that a good-looking, young lady is the villain. She is the one who killed Elaine (Shanola Hampton). She then framed Mary for it.

All of its seduction scenes probably happened, but we have no idea of when and how. The only thing we know is that Mary comes to know that Grace is the person who has put her family in danger. Before the film closes, you will see Grace going to a mental institution. The camera then pans to a female who looks like Mary. She is leaving the hospital. Is it Mary or someone else? She can be found wearing sunglasses, a long coat, and a scarf over her head. This looks exactly like what Grace had worn when she was sneaking into the office of Elaine to murder her.

Did Grace kill Mary?

Many people on social media are asking this question. Is it Mary or Grace, or another female? What’s going on? One person, who watched the movie tweeted “Have you guys watched Deadly Illusions? WTF was that ending? I have so many questions?” Another one wrote on social media “I don’t think we’ll be getting answers any time soon. Kristin Davis hasn’t said a peep about the film.”

Viewers basically have a mix of comments and opinions, especially about the ending of the movie that is both confusing and wild. People are demanding an explanation, and we don’t know when an answer will be given. Deadly Illusions is currently streaming on Netflix. I encourage you to watch it when you have time.

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