Demi Lovato’s split from Max Ehrich made her accept her identity

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Demi Lovato seems to be satisfied and happy despite her separation from her fiancé Max Ehrich. This has led her to the point where she can openly talk about her sexuality and can proudly accept her identity.

For the first time, Demi Lovato has opened up about her sexuality and what she said has surprised fans all over the world. She thought she was going to spend her entire life with a person she did not love. She felts a sense of relief after leaving him and has now accepted the truth.

Most recently, the 28-year-old singer spoke with a renewed magazine and revealed that she had to end her engagement with Max Ehrich in September 2020 because she was not happy. She wanted to start a family, but something was missing in her life. Now she has embraced her sexuality and has realized how queer she is.

In the cover story of the March issue called “Demi Lovato Is Finally Home”, Demi Lovato could be seen saying “I wanted something so out-there that no one has in their house. I almost designed this house for a straight couple. I’m not straight, but it was a hetero situation. This could have been a very normal-looking house.”

Here she was discussing her Los Angeles house.

Her journey of recognizing her identity

Like many other artists, it was not easy for Demi Lovato to open up and embrace her identity. People and media keep an eye on both her personal life and career. However, ending the engagement was a good decision because she had realized that her relationship with Max Ehrich would not work.

According to Demi Lovato, she is getting older and this is the time in her life when she wants to take some wise decisions. She has called off her engagement and does not care much about what Max and other people think or say about her.

This past year, I was engaged to a man and when it didn’t work, I was like: ‘This is a huge sign.’

She revealed.

I thought I was going to spend my life with someone. Now that I wasn’t going to, I felt this sense of relief that I could live my truth.

Demi Lovato continued.

Ex-fiancé Max Ehrich’s behavior was shocking

Of course, it was not easy for Max Ehrich to accept the truth and forget Demi Lovato. His response made her sad. He began ignoring Demi Lovato because of his work commitments.

"It was very hurtful to Demi when she realized that Max's love and intentions were not true.”

An insider revealed.

"Breaking off the engagement was not an easy decision. Their relationship began to change after Max headed to Atlanta to film a movie. He shot up in fame. He got wrapped up in [Hollywood]."

The insider continued.

The on-and-off relationship

Max and Demi started dating each other in March 2020 prior to their engagement. They remained together for several months. In September 2020, they decided to separate their ways because things were not going on as expected. Demi and Max are basically career-conscious people. They could not give as much time to each other as possible. Max specifically remained busy with his Hollywood projects, and Demi developed feelings for someone else. She then decided to embrace her sexuality and called it to quit.

Still, they respect and love each other and will cherish the time they spent together. Right after the breakup, Demi Lovato released her self-love anthem “Still Have Me.” This song seems to be addressing the problems she has faced after her breakup with Max. On the other hand, her ex-fiance has shared so many posts on his Instagram Stories to let people know everything about his relationship with Demi.

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