When your partner is a demisexual and you can't live without them

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Demisexuality is a relatively new concept. This type of person is not comfortable with physical touch. They basically think that a long-lasting and successful relationship doesn’t require being physically together. Instead, it requires emotional bonding and commitment. The chance is that your partner is demisexual but has not yet been identified.

Types of demisexual people


There are two types of demisexual individuals.

1. Panoramic demisexual

These individuals love developing a strong friendship. They don’t care about romantic interests when it comes to meeting new people and making friends. Maybe your partner considers you a good friend but you are in love with them. Before taking things further, you should get to know them fully.

2. Biromantic demisexual

These types of individuals love emotional connections but they are practical-minded and don’t reveal their feelings all of a sudden. If you feel that your partner wants both a romantic and emotional connection before marriage, they will fall under this category.

What if your partner is a demisexual?


According to the Demisexuality Resource Center:

Some demisexuals consider demisexuality to be under the gray asexual umbrella because it involves feeling sexual attraction in specific circumstances. Some demisexuals also relate to other definitions of gray asexuality, such as finding experiences of sexual attraction confusing or hard to pin down. It is possible to use both labels if they both apply.

You don’t need to worry if they are demisexual. You just need the right kind of planning and some patience to be with them.

1. Respect their personal space


Demisexual people are not big fans of physical touch. They may not interact with you throughout the day.

In such situations, you should respect their personal space. If you want to live happily with them, you need to know when they are angry and when they want to spend some time with you. Please don’t force them to do anything that doesn’t look proper to them. This will make them feel bad and they may soon quit on you.

2. Understand that they have grown up feeling different


Some demisexual people grow up feeling different.

Your partner is likely to be one of them. Since their childhood or tee years, they might have seen their parents fighting, arguing, and living in separate rooms. They might be the only boy or girl of their parents, which is why they are used to live alone. The idea is to understand your partner and know a little about their background so that you can make them feel comfortable.

3. Know that emotional bonds are important


Trust, openness, and emotional connection will guarantee a successful and happy life.

You should try to develop emotional bonding with them. If they are not happy with your physical touch, please don’t upset them by getting close and close. Instead, you should first win their trust and have emotional bonding. Once they start trusting you, they may decide to marry and have kids with you. But before they change their mind, you should take things smoothly and slowly with them.

4. Learn about their conditions


Not all demisexual people are the same. Some do enjoy physical touch but only under certain circumstances.

Your partner may have some ideas and expectations in their mind. It is integral to understand them and know what types of conditions are to be met. Most importantly, you need to make them feel good and safe with you. You might feel exposed and uncomfortable but you are doing this for your partner or the love of your life. In a relationship, sacrifice is really very important, and if you don’t sacrifice a few things, they will not want to be with you.

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