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What fans need to know about the recent car crash of Tiger Woods

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Tiger Woods, the winner of the record-tying 82 PGA Tour tournaments and a 15-time major champion, got serious injuries in a car crash in Los Angeles on Tuesday. The 45-year-old professional golfer underwent some hours of emergency surgery to repair what medical experts called significant orthopedic injuries. He received these injuries in his lower right leg and ankle.

Tiger Woods’ response to police


Tiger Woods has now responded to police officers, saying that he did not know how the car accident happened. He did not remember driving. Los Angeles sheriffs execute a search warrant on his car after the massive crash. A copy of the search warrant affidavit was used by police to obtain the black box in the SUV. According to the affidavit:

The deputies asked him how the collision occurred. Driver said he did not know and did not even remember driving ... Driver was treated for his injuries at the hospital and was asked there again how the collision occurred. He repeated that he did not know and did not remember driving.

The black box is said to have information on the acceleration and speed of the car and details on the braking sequence, different instrument activities, and the changes made to the steering during driving. A sheriff’s deputy says that Los Angeles is the place where obtaining the warrant is possible in a matter of minutes. It is a must part of the department’s due diligence.

As of now, they are trying to determine if a crime has been committed by the famous golfer. If someone is found to be involved in a traffic collision, they will take serious action, and if they get to know that there was any reckless driving, Tiger Woods might get fined or punished. In case, there is no crime, the case will be closed. It will then be considered a regular traffic collision.

Tiger Wood’s condition after surgery


Tiger Woods was hurt the previous week in a single-car, early morning crash close to the border of Rancho Palos Verdes and Rolling Hills Estates, California. Emergency personnel reached there and immediately took him out of the car. He was then brought to Harbor-UCLA Medical Center where the surgery took place. His condition after surgery is better now.

In the beginning, the Los Angeles Country sheriff called the crash a regular accident. However, the investigation is being done and it looks like there will not be any criminal charges on Tiger Woods.

He was not drunk. We can throw that one out.

Police clarified.

Woods had to go through multiple injuries, including the insertion of a rod to his tibia. Also, several pins and screws were added to the leg. He was carefully treated for tissue and muscle injuries. In a statement shared on his Twitter account, Dr. Anish Mahajan clarified that Tiger Woods was suffering from comminuted open fractures. His bones were broken into tiny pieces, and there were many breaks in the skin. The lower and upper portions of the tibia and fibula of his right leg were seriously impacted.

Will Tiger Woods return to the course?


It is too early to say anything. Tiger Woods is recovering at a fast speed. However, he may not be able to return to the course for a few more weeks or months. He is himself more concerned about his health than his profession. Tiger Woods has said that the final decision will be made based on his doctors' and surgeons’ reports. His therapist is trying their best. The entire team of medical experts wants to make sure he gets the best treatment and is recovered fully as early as possible.

Tiger’s last official start was at the 2020 Masters. It was played in November after being delayed from April due to the pandemic. In December, he had his last public golf event called the PNC Championship where Tiger appeared with his 12-year-old son, Charlie.

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