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Denzel Hayes Washington Jr. was born in 1954. He is a famous American producer, director, and actor. He is widely regarded as the star who has reconfigured the concept of classic movie stardom and has always been associated with the characters known for their dignity, peace of mind, internal power, humanity, and grace. Denzel Hayes Washington has various hits to his name and fans never want to lose track of them. This is what happens when you crush it on screen for so many years. Whether it is an award-winning film or a simple popcorn action film, Denzel Hayes Washington has so many projects.

The new Denzel Hayes Washington film on Netflix

The good news is that one of his most acclaimed and finest movies is making rounds on Netflix. You may have watched the film years ago, but it is something you will watch to watch over and over again. The name of the film is "Training Day." What are you waiting for? Go to the streaming service to watch this film with your family and friends.

What "Training Day" is about?

I don’t think I need to give a lot of details on "Training Day," especially if you are a fan of Denzel. Still, this information is for those who haven’t watched the movie. Like many other films, Training Day begins innocently. Ethan Hawke has played the role of Jake Hoyt. This bright-eyed and energetic police officer gets a new assignment on the force. He is tasked to transform himself into a plain-clothes cop to be a part of a special task force. He collaborates with Alphonso Harris (Denzel Washington), who is a veteran on the force. Denzel is the head of this project. He is responsible for sharing all the details with Ethan.


The training begins and it is ensured that Hoyt is understanding the stakes they are dealing with. In the meantime, he is shown the ropes around his new assignment. As the story goes on, you will start feeling that the stakes are high and the rules around policing are relaxed with this group. Denzel Washington appears to be a smooth operator, who brings Hoyt along slowly and steadily and shows him the ins and outs of entirely different and unique work.

Other Denzel Hayes Washington movies you may like to watch

Denzel Hayes Washington has received various NAACP Image Awards and Golden Globe Awards along with a Tony Award. Besides Training Day, you may watch the following movies starring Denzel Hayes Washington in the lead. Here’s a mini list of Denzel Hayes Washington’s films for those who don’t want to watch "Training Day" on Netflix.

1. Heart Condition (1990)


From the Department of Very Bad Ideas, "Heart Condition" is a theoretical comedy featuring Bob Hoskins as a racist cop. It was released in 1990 and is open about his racism. Bob can be found using the word spook a number of times. He gets a heart transplant from a black lawyer (a role played by Denzel Hayes Washington). It is a groaning comedy, and Denzel looks funny and graceful throughout the film.

2. Carbon Copy (1981)


"Carbon Copy" was the very first film of Denzel Hayes Washington Jr. He played the role of a long-lost son of George Segal, a legal officer who was concerned about the appearance he tried to hide from his anti-Semitic boss. Segal could be found in a difficult situation. He had to decide whether he would accept his son or would side with the racists of his law firm.

3. John Q (2002)


"John Q" was released in 2002. In this film, Denzel Hayes Washington Jr. has played the character of a loving and caring father whose son requires an immediate heart transplant. However, his insurance will not pay anything for it. The film conveys a beautiful message: our healthcare systems are good for nothing. They are full of issues and crises and something needs to be done to ensure the health and wellbeing of people.

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