When the narcissist is someone you love

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It can be difficult to be with narcissists. These individuals think that they are perfectionists and that no one is prettier and better than them. They are self-centered, want to be admired, and love to be with the people who are ready to do anything to make them laugh.

A narcissist deep down feels that he or she is faultless. So, it is obvious that when they are in conflict with someone, they will perceive the conflict is the fault of the other person or the whole world. In such situations, it can be tough to be with a narcissist for a lifetime. What if you fall in love with such a person? Things are not going to be easy. They may put you into difficult situations and may lead you to develop various mental or psychological problems like stress, anxiety, and depression.

How narcissists typically love?

Before falling in love with someone, we don’t ask whether they are narcissists or not. We simply fall in love with their looks, behavior, attitude, or other similar traits.

Except in the early months of a relationship, most narcissists are not motivated by passion.

In a relationship, you can offer attention, support, and physical satisfaction to your partner, but their ego and self-esteem may not be satisfied until you do something extraordinarily special. The chance is that the narcissist you love will not love you back because they are seeking someone with exceptional talent, influence, or beauty. They want someone who keeps appreciating them all the time, especially when they are wrong. Narcissists love to be admired for their charisma, power, attraction, and status. If you don’t do so, they may quit the relationship or may start ignoring you.


Good social skills allow narcissists to leave a good first impression. This is why you will want to date them. However, with time, things will change. They may get tired of you or will show less interest in getting married. Such individuals possess emotional intelligence that allows them to express, manage, perceive, understand and share emotions in a controlled way. They will not get as emotional by losing you as you may get.

The real definition of love

Real love is more than passionate feelings. It is the will to do and think good for one another.

When somebody falls in love, they want their partner to give them as much respect, value, and love as they are giving them. When the attention and affection are not fully returned, they get upset. This is what will happen to you when you start dating a narcissist or fall in love with the wrong individual.

Love doesn’t need to be perfect. It just needs to be true. As already said, narcissists are often self-centered, selfish, and arrogant. They consider themselves perfectionists and keep looking for flaws in other people. However, in love, there is no such thing as perfectionism. You accept the other person with all their flaws and disabilities, and you want to be accepted with whatever you have to offer to them. When you are not accepted or are rejected by your beloved, you will naturally get upset and may start feeling that your life is ending or that there is no hope and charm.

Be careful with whom you love

A narcissist will paint some pictures of himself or herself as being victims or innocent people in different aspects. They will be offended or irritated by true people and the truth. However, what is done in the dark will surely come to light. Time has a way of showing the true colors of people.


At the beginning of the relationship, you will never get to know the feelings of your partner. So, give yourself and them sometime before planning the marriage. You can simply date them and spend more and more time with them. There is no need to get married until you are fully satisfied that your beloved is as serious for you as you care for them.

Be careful in your selection. Once you have one bad experience, don’t repeat the same mistakes. For example, if you chose a good-looking girl or boy who later proved to be a narcissist, please don’t go with the looks of an individual the next time you date someone.

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