My wife is a narcissist and I am a little tired of her

Mark Star

What it’s like to be the husband of a narcissistic woman? I didn’t know anything about narcissists until I met my girl and decided to marry her.

My wife is a narcissist, and I am not happy to be with her. I don’t want to leave her, but things aren’t going well.

My life has become difficult

She has made my life difficult because she keeps criticizing me. She wants the attention I am not always able to give her. And when I try to explain myself, she starts thinking that I am criticizing her.

One of the major problems of narcissists is that they can’t take criticism. They always want to be praised and appreciated. Obviously, I will not always be in the position of admiring my wife, especially when she is wrong.

An attention seeker

Like many other narcissists, she is an attention seeker. She does not only create problems for me but also our kids. Can you believe it? I have a 4-year-old boy and a 6-year-old girl. How can they admire their mom in the way she expects? The worst part is that if no attention is given to her, she becomes angry. She begins shouting at them and cries for hours.

I may separate my ways

Yes, it is true. I am planning to separate my way from her because things aren’t going well. I wanted her to be an understanding and loving wife, which she is not. I have spent years of my life with her and I don’t want our kids to have problems if I or their mom leaves them.

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