Habits that show the true character of a person

Mark Star

You can call yourself a good person, but you will not reveal all of the negative aspects of your personality. This happens to everybody. Some of us are self-centered, some are sensitive and some are selfless. Not all of these characteristics can be revealed to the people around us until we get close to them.

These habits are quite controversial, and when you find them in someone, keep a distance from them.

Name-dropping obsessively

It is the practice of calling the name of a famous person in a strange way. The name-dropper is not likely to know the celebrity or famous person they are referring to. If you find someone dropping the name obsessively, please stay away from them because such people are mostly rude and proud.


These days, many people try to promote themselves in one way or the other. Someone who does not talk anything about their dark sides and instead sheds light on their positive aspects is likely to be an addict to self-promotion. You shouldn’t be with such people.

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