Millions of Americans set to receive payouts in Apple's Batterygate case

Mark Randall Havens

iPhone users will finally be compensated

After more than two years of waiting, millions of Americans are finally set to receive their payouts in the Apple Batterygate case.

Apple's Batterygate issues continue because of changes to iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 models. Apple was accused of intentionally reducing the performance of these handsets to conserve battery life.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the performance throttling was transparent and that customers weren't paying attention. However, critics charged the company with planned obsolescence by reducing the performance of phones in order to lure customers to purchase new models.

Apple agreed that it would pay at least $310 million to settle the case by March 2021. More than 2.2 million compensation claims were approved prior to deduplication.

The case in the District Court for the Northern District of California was stalled by legal cost disputes. It appears that both sides have come to an agreement, which could bring the case to a close.

Millions of valid settlement claims have been submitted by October 6, 2020, according to court documents filed Friday by Mark Molumphy, Cotchett Pitre & McCarthy.

The documents state that class members have been waiting for settlement payments for over two years. However, they cannot receive any settlement payments until the class action settlement is finalized.

The earliest hearing date for final costs settlement under the court's regular schedule would be April 2023. However, counsel for Plaintiffs and Defendant have agreed that the hearing on motions should be moved to December 16-2022 or the earliest convenient date for the Court.

Batterygate payouts

The amount each claimant will receive in this case is not yet decided. This cannot be done until all legal costs are deducted.

Court documents from 2021 showed that each of the 2.2 million successful claimants would receive $65 dollars.

The Northern District of California case is one of many Batterygate cases Apple has had to face in the U.S.

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