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Mark Randall Havens

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Narcissists are atypical people who are deeply self-conscious and egotistical. Their inflated sense of self makes them difficult to live with and trust. They often feel entitled to control others, and will make other people feel bad or wrong. Their self-esteem is extremely fragile, and they do not take criticism well, which makes them difficult to live with.

If these signs are present in your relationship, you might want to seek professional help. First, consult a mental health professional. Narcissistic people often have a strong sense of entitlement, and they expect automatic compliance. This is because narcissists use their relationships to feed their fragile ego.

Second, narcissists have a strong desire to be loved. They often engage in a process known as "love bombing," where they come onto their victims very strongly and then slowly become dependent on them. A narcissist may also be an expert at manipulating his or her victims into thinking they are indispensable.

Narcissists also resist change and will make it difficult for you to break away from them. If you try to confront a narcissist, they will often respond with anger and defensiveness. It is important to be gentle and avoid insulting them.

Another sign of a narcissist is blaming others for their shortcomings. When things do not go according to their plan, they blame others and even their closest associates. If you feel neglected, they might blame you for taking their attention. This behavior may be a signal that your relationship is on the rocks and you need to seek help.

Narcissists are dangerous people who use violence in order to achieve their goals. They may seem charming, but they are often cold and lack compassion. A narcissist's actions are not worth the potential damage they could cause. They are also capable of hurting others, which could lead to violence.

Another sign that a narcissist is suffering from a personality disorder is their inflated sense of self-importance. They have a low sense of empathy and are constantly in need of praise. They often pursue careers in high-profile positions in order to gain attention and acclaim.

Narcissists believe they are better than everyone else and need attention. They seek recognition and approval from others when they have done nothing to merit it. They are also obsessed with perfectionism and love to manipulate others' feelings to achieve their ends. They use their skills to make others feel bad, which they then use to their advantage.

Although the signs of a narcissistic personality disorder can be difficult to spot in the early stages of a relationship, they tend to become more apparent over time. It is important to seek a qualified mental health professional to get a proper diagnosis and proper treatment.

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