The Picture In Our Heads

Mark Planet Shakers

The worst thing that can happen to a person is to live without understanding why he is alive. The picture we see every day gives us hope and reasons why we exist, If we sleep every night and wake up with no purpose, it is a tragedy of life because if the purpose of life is not understood, an individual will always end up with regret or living life as a burden because disaster is unavoidable.

Because a vision is a prophetic insight or the ability to glimpse the future through mental pictures, life begins in the mind. The mental pictures we see define who we will become in the coming years.

Every thought is a seed that will act tomorrow if converted to reality, and we are merely deciding where we will end tomorrow. We are sowing a seed for tomorrow in the way we think and live. How we live in time will undoubtedly decide where we will end up tomorrow. We can compare life to a game because how we think can determine whether we win or lose in life.

Every person has been given the power to think in this life; it is a gift that should be cherished because positive thoughts will always assist one to achieve one's goals.

People act in certain ways because they feel compelled to. You can do things because you are determined to depending on your purpose, thanks to a mental image you perceive during meditation. You were born to do something that no one else has ever done before. Consider the big picture. There is always the power to dream somewhere within you. Don't give up, no matter how difficult it becomes, since your vision is the key to achieving your life's purpose. Adopt thinking as a principle, create a system that surrounds you, a system of thinking about yourself, a way of thinking. Continue to consider it. Ask yourself questions like, "Why do I exist?" while you consider. What exactly is the point of my existence? If you don't know the answer to the question, start writing down any ideas you have about your goal; keep refining them as you read this article. How effective were you in attaining your objectives?

If you're wondering why thoughts, it's because everything we do today and everything that surrounds our communities begin with our thoughts. If there are numerous incidents of communal killings or drug abuse, all of these behaviors begin with the images we see in our thoughts. To address this issue, we must first educate society about the need for togetherness, love, and self-control. The more this type of message is broadcast across a community, the more it enters the thoughts of the people who live there, and their lives gradually begin to be transformed into better citizens of that society. This should tell us that thoughts have an impact not only on a personal level but also on the community because communities are managed by the people who live in them. Have you ever met someone who describes a community as being peaceful and friendly? That should send a message that there is a friendly and peaceful way of thinking about life and every citizen who visits their place. Our thoughts are extremely important because they are the seeds that grow into our lives. Keep on thinking and seeing big pictures because no one is precluded from success.

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