My review of our return to Tahoe Joe’s and an excellent dining experience

Mark-John Clifford
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I've said it before, and I'll say it again, Patti, and I love a good steak. A great steak is even better, but a good steak done right is okay for dinner, and Tahoe Joe's does a good steak.

There will be naysayers that will refute this statement, and I understand that. I will admit there are some better steak houses out there, and we will review many of them over time. Still, for total meal enjoyment and price, you just can't beat Tahoe Joe's unless you go to Sizzlers, and I'm not discounting them, but there are not in the category of Tahoe Joe's.

I want to discuss the service before I get into the night meal. Something I usually forget to write about, but not in this review.

You know I am big on service if you have read my previous posts. It was instilled into me when working for my Uncle's restaurants. It was also something I demanded from stock brokers who worked for me. They needed to service and treat a customer/client as they would want to be treated. No exceptions.

We were greeted as we walked in, and lucky for us, it wasn't a busy night, or maybe we were just early. We were seated promptly, and before you knew it, a server was there to take our drink order.

Back in the day, a waiter brought you water as you sat; now, a waiter takes your order since they don't want to get water unless asked for it.

With that said, we ordered water for both, and along with the water, an iced tea for me.

I must admit the iced tea at Tahoe Joe's is perfect. It's right up there with the iced tea at Fridays, and I believe there's is the best out there for a restaurant.

Once the drink arrived, we were ready to order some appetizers and dinner. Might as well get everything going now.


Tahoe Joe's has a great selection of appetizers. We've tried the nachos, which is considerably a meal for some, the extra large Buffalo chicken wings, my favorite, and the railroad shrimp, Patti's favorite, are all great.
WingsPhoto byRrestaurant Guru

This night we went with the Buffalo chicken wings. I've asked a few patrons over time when I see them eating the wings what they think about them, and most agree they are the best and juiciest they've had.

I agree with that opinion. They are not just juicy, but the meat is tender; they are meaty due to their largeness and excellent flavor.

We enjoyed the wings with blue cheese dressing, carrot spears, and celery sticks on the side.

Once done, we were on to dinner.


We both ordered the salad to go with our steaks. The salads at Tahoe Joe's have always been good. We have never had a salad with wilted lettuce, like some places, or soggy veggies. Every salad has been exceptional. I leave it for you to decide if you go.

Patti's Dinner

Patti ordered the 14 oz ribeye done medium rare. Along with that came string beans, their house specialty. Patti decided on rice pilaf instead of potatoes. That was a good choice, something I should have had instead of the baked potato, which I'll write about below.

Her steak was perfectly cooked, and juices flowed as she cut into the steak. The steak was pink inside, with a bit of red in the middle, as I said, perfectly cooked as always.
The RibeyePhoto byTrip Advisor

The flavor was, as usual, excellent, with a hint of smokiness from the grill, which added to the meal's perfection.

The spices, whatever they are, are never overused, making the steak salty. It's just right.

According to Patti, the beans were not overcooked as they have been on occasion. They were crispy to the bite and also full of flavor.

The rice pilaf, well, was rice pilaf. Fluffy rice with the right amount of flavor to make it the perfect side dish.

My Dinner

To save you some reading time, I also had the ribeye steak; only I went with the 20 oz. It was just as good as Patt's. No complaints here.

The beans were like hers, crispy to the bite and flavorful. Where I went wrong was the baked potato. Not that it was terrible, but it was over the top.

When I say over the top, I mean as far as too much to eat. I had everything added to the baked potato except for the chives. The server piled on the butter, sour cream, and finally, the bacon, a meal fit for a king without the rest of the food.

I took half of the steak home for our son to enjoy.

In The End

The service was above par. The food was excellent, and our return to Tahoe Joe's after an extended absence became a wonderful dining experience.

Try Tahoe Joe's, and let us know your experience in the comments.

Buon Appetito!

Mark & Patti

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