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My review on a unassuming good dining experience in Clovis

Mark-John Clifford
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Patti and I decided to try an unusual dinner spot based on a recommendation from an employee of the place.

At first, when he told us about it, we figured he was a little crazy. There is no way the place he mentioned would be a good spot for dinner or even lunch, but we decided to try this spot for dinner.

Let me reveal the spot we dined at. Clovis Community Hospital. That's right, Clovis Community Hospital, and to be truthful, it wasn't that bad.

I wasn't sure what to expect. The employee who worked at Fresno Community bragged about their food and the food at Clovis Community.

Behind the Story

While in the hospital for my brain surgery, this male nurse told Patti how to get the best food out of the cafeteria. There are days when the general menu is okay and delicious. There are other days when ordering from the grill fresh is the best option. You do have a choice.

As with any cafeteria, the food depends on the chef and the quality of the food. For some reason, the hospitals here in Fresno and Clovis are getting quality food. Although I know some patients like me would have to disagree based on the food served upstairs.
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As usual, the food delivered upstairs is based on your diet per Doctors' orders, whereas you can get what you want downstairs.

Back to Real Time

Patti tested it out, and surprisingly, she came to the room to brag about her dinner, which got to me since what I was eating that night was far from what she had had downstairs. So I asked for a salad which was okay for me to eat.

She returned with an incredible freshly made chef's salad, not just for freshness but also for all the fixings that came with it and the price she paid.

Price was something else our male nurse told us about the meals; they were inexpensive for what they served.

Our Dining Experience

Patti had a grilled burger. She added bacon, lettuce, and tomato, all very fresh and piled high on the burger. There were three to four bacon slices and two tomato slices, one on top and one on the bottom of the burger. According to Patti, it made for a tasty, juicy, and highly delicious burger.
PriicingPhoto byClovis Community

The fries were not greasy and crunchy to the bite, not soggy, which she bragged about throughout the meal.

I opted for a grilled burger with cheese, bacon, and extra tomatoes instead of lettuce. I find the lettuce wilts a great deal on a grilled burger, so I go with extra tomatoes. In my eyes, it makes it juicier, but Patti says it's me, and that isn't the case; lettuce makes the burger. Who am I to argue.

All I know is my burger was fantastic. It wasn't overcooked, greasy, or anything I could complain about, but good, tender, and tasty.
They Have Pizza AlsoPhoto byClovis Community

The fries seemed to be doubled-fried like Pattis. They were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Just the way they should be.

The Cost

With drinks, we ended up paying around $10.00 for a great-tasting meal that anywhere else would have cost us $15-20. Not bad for a quick bite to eat on a busy weekday evening.

Our friend, the male nurse, told us that they have pot roast that he claimed was fantastic from time to time, and we should try and find out when the next night is.

They post a menu so you can get an idea of when and when not to go. However, you can always order from the grill and be rewarded with great-tasting food.

Overall it was a different dining experience. We were almost all alone in the dining room; the only bad thing about the experience was the parking. But that minor inconvenience was worth the price of the meal.

Try it out one night when looking for a different dining experience. I believe you'll find it suitable

Buon Appetito!

Mark and Patti

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