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My review on soft-serve ice cream in Clovis and Fresno-Foster’s Freeze & Sno-White

Mark-John Clifford

Let's talk ice cream. Soft-serve ice cream, to be precise. Not that I don't like hard ice cream like the kind at Boskin Robbins or any creamery around town, but there is something about soft-serve ice cream that I've always enjoyed, especially on a hot, sweltering evening.

Fosters Freeze

I usually go to Fosters Freeze for soft-serve ice cream since it is right up the street from our house. This Fosters Freeze is on the corner of Shaw and Armstong in Fresno. I haven't compared this Fosters Freeze to others around the area, but this one is good.
Foster’s FreezePhoto byFresno Bee

The ice cream is creamy and tasteful. I'm not sure if they use fresh or quality flavoring for the vanilla or chocolate, but it tastes good, and I enjoy going there for a cone whenever the urge is there.

The size of the cone is impressive. The small is usually good enough, but sometimes I want a large, and what the server delivers out of the drive-up window is daunting. On a hot night, you're eating, licking, and mouthing as much ice cream as possible as it melts away. That's the fun of soft-serve for many.
The Ice CreamPhoto byFoster’s Freeze

When we go, Patti will opt for a sundae or something like that, and she doesn't usually have any complaints unless they forget a topping or two, which they have in the past.

I hadn't tried other places for soft-serve ice cream until the other day when Patti and I were out in this heat wave and dying for something cold.

We were on Clovis Avenue and bought tickets for the power ball lottery. Hey, we wanted to be billionaires; what can I say? Instead, we were $4.00 poorer.

Back to the Adventure-Sno White

Right next door to the store we purchased the lottery tickets from is this little hole-in-the-wall restaurant and ice cream parlor called Sno-White.
Here is isPhoto byMap Quest

It advertises soft-serve ice cream, shakes, and everything else that goes along with ice cream, burgers, and other exciting items for lunch.

Don't get me wrong, Fosters Freeze does the same, and I've had their burger and the ones at Sno-White, but that is for another review.

The one main thing SNo-White offers that Foster's Freeze doesn't is snow cones, and that is my next try at SNo-White.

Today we're talking ice cream—nothing more and nothing less.

Patti and I decided we wanted ice cream. I wanted a cone and her a shake. I wanted a chocolate ice cream, and she went with a vanilla shake.

I'm not a huge chocolate fan, but every once in a while, I get a chocolate craving, but Fosters Freeze chocolate isn't as chocolatey as I would like, but Sno-White came to the rescue.
The ChocolatePhoto byFood Reviewer

Their chocolate was so full of flavor that it was eye-awakening. The chocolate ice cream tasted like cocoa powder was added into the mix as if they used Nestle's to make up the ice cream. I doubt they use it, but it tasted good and chocolatey, as expected. This is the best soft-serve ice cream I've had in town, especially chocolate.

Patti couldn't stop bragging about her shake and the vanilla flavoring. She couldn't be sure, but she felt it wasn't just some flavored syrup on its own, just as I thought about the chocolate. There were hints of fresh vanilla bean or something in the mix. Who knows. All I know is that we both had the best experience at Sno-White that we could have asked for.

So make sure you check out Sno-White when you can during these hot days or even in the cold days of December, which is another time I love to get soft-serve ice cream.

Enjoy, and let us know what you think.

Mark & Patti

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