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My review of Habit Burger in River Park, Fresno. It didn’t make the grade.

Mark-John Clifford
Teriyaki BurgerMark-John Clifford-Author

It only takes one lousy meal to ruin what was almost a perfect record at the River Park Habit Burger.

Last night Patti and I stopped at Habit Burger for dinner at a decent time. We arrived a little after eight, so there should have been no issues! We usually get to Habit after nine pm, but not last night.

We knew what we both wanted, so we ordered hamburgers, Patti had the single burger, and I had the single teriyaki burger. We both ordered the burger with no onions.

Patti wasn't in the mood for onions last night, and I had to make sure to say no onions because, for some reason, they put onions on a teriyaki burger. I've never seen that before, but I've been told people like that. Who am I to question that?

The Order

We ordered our burgers with fries and at the last minute reminded me they use sesame seed buns (I'm allergic to sesame seeds and oil) for their burgers, so I opted for a ciabatta role instead. That was the wrong choice. I usually go with sourdough toast, but I wanted to try something different.

Everything looked good when I grabbed the tray with our dinner until I sat down. Patti went to try a fry right away, and it was cold. She tried another, and it was lukewarm. She told me to try mine, and I did, and the same results some were cold and some were lukewarm.

We should have complained, but we thought it was getting late, and they probably didn't care, and complaining sometimes causes more issues.

So we ate lukewarm fries and hot hamburgers. The only complaint I had with my burger was the bun. The ciabatta role was too much bread for their single hamburgers. All I seemed to taste was bread after bread with lettuce and pickles.
The Cold & Lukewarm FriesMark-John Clifford-Author

The Outcome

The hamburger patty was thin and dry with no flavor. Not even the teriyaki could save this burger. The pineapple that comes with it was non-existent. I checked a few times to see if there was a pineapple, only to see their weak version of a pineapple slice.

Patti's burger was hot, fresh, thin, and dry with no flavor. She asked for no mayo, and they did as requested, but they also don't put anything else on their burgers if you opt out of the mayo. Weird!

We've been to this Habit numerous times and never had a night like last night. Even when we have arrived close to closing, we still get a great hamburger and hot fries. Last night for some reason, all bets were off.

There was some new help since the last time we were there, which could account for the letdown, but you would think the management would want the restaurant to be consistent.
Too Much BreadMark-John Clifford-Author

This is our favorite Habit Burger next to the one in Selma, although Selma is number one now, knocking River Park down a notch.

I won't say don't give River Park a try because we have had some great meals there, but get there early and, unlike us, complain if your fires are cold or lukewarm, it does make a difference.

Buon Appetito!

Mark & Patti

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