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My review of Kenji’s Teriyaki Grill in Fresno, California.

Mark-John Clifford
Kenji’s Teriyaki GrillTrip Advisor

Patti and I dined at Kenji's Teriyaki Grill the other night after a long hiatus. We had stopped going after I found out they were using peanut oil for some of their fried foods, and being allergic to peanuts, I couldn't risk an incident. So that ended our dining at Kinji's until our daughter gave us some great news.

She decided to check if Kenji's was still using peanut oil since she knew I enjoyed their food with a simple phone call. Bingo! No more peanut oil in use, so we went.

When we arrived, I never remembered them having a steak teriyaki on the menu. I knew they had tri-tip; I know it's a steak, but not the kind of steak I think of when having teriyaki.

My Choice
The Tri-TipTrip Advisor

Note: There wasn’t a shot of the beef, but suffice it to say it was double what you see here.

On the menu was grilled teriyaki beef steak cooked the way you wanted and smothered with the right amount of teriyaki sauce.

It came with either white rice, brown rice, or french fries, as well as veggies for sides. I went with french fries and veggies.

The one thing that was a great addition was the spicy teriyaki sauce on the side. It was the perfect addition to the meal.

Let's talk Beef

I went with the teriyaki beef, medium rare, and the sides I mentioned above. The amount of meat they gave me was amazing. I don't know how they make money.

There was enough for two meals, and that's what I did; I planned to save some of the meat for the next day's lunch. 

The problem was it didn't work out that way. The beef was so tender, juicy, and tasty that I couldn't resist eating it all in one sitting.

I eat steak a great deal at home or when we go out, and this had to be the most tender steak I've had in years. I'm talking melt in your mouth tender. The tender that people state, "it cuts like butter," or I could have used a butter knife to cut it," or a host of other reviews I've read over the years or written on my own.

I could write on and on about this beef, but the best thing to note is that you need to go to Kenji's and try the beef teriyaki. Forget the tri-tip plate. I know it's a little cheaper, but this is worth the extra bucks for the tenderest beef you'll have in a long time.

Patti's Meal

Let's not forget Patti's chicken teriyaki meal with brown rice, veggies, and a side order of shrimp.

While chicken is chicken, and usually there isn't much to say about chicken, Patti went on and on about how tender and flavorful the chicken was.
Chicken KetsuTrip Advisor

She said they added just the right amount of teriyaki sauce, so it wasn't overbearing, and along with the brown rice, it was the perfect meal.

What stood out more than anything was the fried shrimp and the size of the shrimp. The shrimp were, in Patti's words, "massive." They looked like large shrimp deep-fried tempura style. The shrimp were served with a side of tempura sauce, as one would expect for dipping, which was also very tasty and not too salty.


In the end, we had a great meal, time, and excellent service that night, and we will return soon.

I recommend you take a trip to Kenji's soon if you already haven't and enjoy a feast.

Buon Appetito!

Mark & Patti

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