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My review of Pizmo Cafe & Wooly’s in Pismo Beach

Mark-John Clifford

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We were able to spend another weekend in Pismo Beach courtesy of a friend who owns a beach house there.

Before I review the food we had at Pizmo Cafe and Wooly's, I just wanted to tell you how relaxing it was this past weekend.

After Patti worked for over seven days and I missed her, we needed time to decompress. I also need some time to do some thinking about a couple of projects I am working on, so this trip to the coast was at the right time.

As always, we look forward to the food at our favorite places. Franted, we haven't tried all the sites in Pismo, which I hope to do over time, but Pizmo Cafe and Wooly's are our favorite haunts right now.

Let's start with Pizmo Cafe

Nathan, the owner, never ceases to amaze me with the consistency of his food and its flavor. For me, the sauce with that little kick that makes it fantastic is my favorite.

Pizmo CafeNewsBreak/Photo by author, Mark-John Clifford

Nathan has a recipe he tweaked from a friend chef that is one of the best sauces I've had in California. It's the closest I have found to a homemade sauce that I can remember.

It has a kick that you will enjoy, but it isn't that much of a kick. To me, it's the right amount of kick.

I had the meatball sandwich this time which is a first. I am fussy about meatballs, and I don't usually order them when we go out to eat.

I make meatballs at home that are almost the size of a softball, if you can imagine that? Yes, they are large, but they make for a great sandwich, side dish, or even a main dish if you want.

Pizmo's meatballs were soft and tasty, which you don't see all the time. In most restaurants that I've tried, their meatballs are hard and tasteless. That's why I don't usually order meatballs with my pasta or a sandwich.

Insde Pizmo’s CafeTrip Advisor

These were perfect. They weren't as good as my grandmother's ones back in the day, which is the recipe I use, but they were the best I've had since I moved to California.

Patti opted to have the fettuccine alfredo, which she orders nine out of ten times at Pizmo. 

She's a big fan of fettuccine alfredo and even more of a fan when I make it at home with fresh pasta.

I'm not a massive fan of the Americanized version of fettuccine alfredo since they use cream in the recipe. In Italy, where it started, they only use butter, cheese, and pasta water, and it's great.

Pizmo's is good even with the cream sauce. Patti asked for my opinion, and I approved the dish. Not that means anything. I'm not a food expert, but she values my taste buds.

Make sure you visit Pizmo Cafe, next time you visit Pismo, say hello to Nathan and let him know I sent you.

Then There's Wooly's

I'm trying to think of an excellent way to describe Wooly's. I've written a review about them before here, but there is something new and exciting to write about each time we go.

Wooly’sTrip Advisor

Instead of the steamed clams I always order, brag about, and enjoy eating, I had a hamburger. To be exact, I had the Wooly's burger without the onion rings on it. They put them on the side for me in case someone at the table wanted them. Good thing because Patti wanted them.

The burger was so juicy and flavorful. I haven't had a burger that juicy in a long time. It was served with lettuce, tomatoes, and a BBQ sauce topping, making it fantastic.

It came with waffle fries, making the entire meal a joy to consume.

Wooly’s BurgerYelp

If you have the opportunity to get to Pismo Beach, make sure you stop at Wooly's on the ocean for either some great steamed clams or hamburgers.

Patti, I didn't forget about her; she had the tacos with beef. They come in threes, and so far, each time we've eaten there, about four times, Patti has ordered them, and they never let her down.

I'm not big on tacos, but they sure taste good, and I highly recommend them if you enjoy them.

Pismo Beach Itself

We've been to Pismo a few times this summer, and the one thing that stands out is the people and their personalities.

We've been to store after store, the tourist trap ones and the regular shops like Vons and other markets. 

Von’s in Grover Beach/PismoTrip Advisor

Each time we visit a store, they are all super friendly. I don't know if it's living at the beach or something they drink, but they are pleasant when talking to them.

This time while at Vons, they asked about my New York accent, and I told them about others asking me to say "fuggedaboutit." With my accent, it comes out just as in the movies, and most people get a kick out of it.

I can only say thank you to everyone in Pismo for another enjoyable weekend.

Make sure to take time this summer or even in the fall to visit Pismo and check out these restaurants.

Buon Appetito

Mark & Patti

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