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My review of wings, wings, and more wings in Fresno, and Clovis

Mark-John Clifford
Buffalo Wings PlatterThe Spruce Eats

Wings are the thing. Wings of any kind are the thing. But where do you get good to great wings in Fresno and Clovis?

There are a ton of places to get wings. Almost every restaurant serves wings as an appetizer or the main entre. It's just that not every business has eatable wings.

Some restaurants only serve buffalo wings at different heat levels. Other places have a variety of flavors to choose from, like Wing Stop, Buffalo Wild Wings, Friday's, and other places.

Choosing the flavor you desire is the thing. Sometimes that choice is made for you, like Dog House Grill. 

Dog House Grill

I've written a few reviews about Dog House Grill and their ribs, tri-tip sandwiches, and hot dogs, but I've never written about their wings which I enjoy.

They have no sauce to mess up your fingers, but the way they are fried in a spicy batter that is perfect. They have just the right amount of heat to satisfy any wing lover.
Fresno Dog House GrillFacebook

I couldn’t find a good picture of their wings, but they are worth the try.

You are served about 10-12 wings, deep fried to perfection, and as I stated above, the batter that surrounds them is spicy, and the wings inside are juicy. Something that doesn't always happen with deep-fried wings.

Next time you're there, check out the wings and let us know what you think.

Tahoe Joe's

The wings served at Tahoe Joe's are straight-up buffalo wings. There is no other choice, but the flavor is fantastic, and the heat is on with their wings.

You get about 8-10 wings, and they are first deep fried to a nice crunchy taste and then doused with hot sauce to bring on the heat.
Tahoe Joe’s WingsTahoe Joe’s

They are juicy on the inside and full of hot sauce on the outside, which keeps you licking your fingers if that's your thing. So that you know it's mine. It beats the Colonel every time.


As you know, I'm a fan of Fridays, and I want to give them an A+ rating for their wings, but I can't. They are about a B+ to A- overall compared to the ones above.

Their wings tend to be smaller, but they will make your order for just drumsticks (as Patti always orders) or flats without hesitation. Other places won't make exceptions; Fridays wins on that one.
Fridays Wing PlatterTGI Fridays

They have the traditional flavors, with the added flavors of their whiskey sauce, my favorite, or the apple BBQ, Patti's favorite.

They are worth the trip, even if you're looking for a late-night snack. The benefit to Fridays is they are open later than most restaurants in town, so it fits our schedule, plus the wings are good.

Wing Stop

I could write a book about Wing Stop. I've never had a bad order from them, and they give you a great selection of sauces to try. I haven't tried one sauce that I didn't like.

The wings are a good size, deep-fried before adding the sauce, so they are crispy when you bite into them, no matter the topping you choose.
Wing Stop Wings OrderWing Stop

I've tried a bunch of toppings, but I must admit the Hawaiin topping is one of my favorites: Patti, and some of the grandkids and their parents like the garlic parmesan or the lemon pepper ones. 

You can't lose when you order from them at least so far in my opinion although there's always room for problems. 

It's worth the visit; whether you go inside or order online, I believe you'll be happy.

Pizza Shops

I'm going to generalize this area of wings because pizza shops should stick to making pizzas. Not that they don't have good wings, but you go to a pizza shop for pizza, not wings. The thing is, they sell wings to compete with other places. Who wants to lose customers, right? 

I can't count the number of pizza shops that sell wings. I'm sure you have tried them and have your own opinion on their taste.
Domino’s WingsDomino’s

I'm not saying I don't like them, or they are better or worse than the restaurants above, but wings are not their specialty. For them, it's all about the pizza, and they should stick to that, but who am I to make that call?


Ultimately, it's all about your taste, wants, and needs. Yes! Chicken wings are wanted, needed, and desired in life. They have become a staple in our existence, and they now could almost be called comfort food like chicken soup. At least in my humble opinion.

Let me know your thoughts!

Until next time…

Buon Appetito!

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