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My review of on the hunt for pizza in Fresno or Clovis.

Mark-John Clifford
BC’s PizzaVisit Fresno County

Finding great pizza almost seems impossible lately. I've been going back and forth with a couple of local pizza shops here in Fresno and Clovis, and I am still not finding anything as good as the pizza we had at Pismo Beach at the Pizmo Cafe.

I'm trying hard not to compare the pizza here with the likes of the east coast pizza, but it's hard. I'm getting better at knowing I'll never get a New York or New haven style pizza here, but I still would like a local pizza parlor to come up with a Fresno pizza.

I believe Fresno/Clovis should have their personal pizza style, just like New York, New Haven, and other east coast cities. Whether it's Fresno or Clovis doesn't matter at this point. If just one pizza shop can come up with a local taste, that would be fantastic.

Back to the Hunt

The other day was our middle daughter's birthday, and she wanted pizza from BC's in Clovis. So we ordered it on our way over to her house.

We've had BC's pizza numerous times in the past, and I have found their dough not to be consistent each time. I wish I could tell you it's the best I've had since I moved here, but it isn't. It's good, but not great, and not something I keep wanting.

The other day the dough seemed stale or let out for hours while it dried out. Leaving the dough in the air leaves a skin on top that is not something you can hide when cooked. The only way to hide it is to discard it from the dough, and most shops won't do that.

Things That Happen

I understand that sometimes things happen. The dough might get left out by mistake or by a chef who doesn't care. It's a pain to keep going in the fridge to get dough and then let it come to room temp. It's easier to leave it out and have it ready when you need it. It's common practice at most pizza shops.
Preparing the DoughSerious Eats

Each time we have had a pizza at BC's, and we usually order two pizzas for the family, one of them isn't even good. The dough is tough, not fluffy, and the dough tastes stale.

I've been making bread and pizza dough since I was a kid, and in some of the restaurants I worked at over the years and back east, most places and families pride themselves on their dough and its freshness. It doesn't seem to matter here at some shops.

There are a few pizza shops where they take care to make sure the dough is fresh.

More Than Pizza
More Than PizzaMore Than Pizza

The best one so far I have seen doing this is More Than Pizza in Clovis.

At one time, I was told by a family member to try their pizza; it's great. I did, and I didn't find it that great, but that was years ago.

Since then, I've tried it a couple of times with family, and it's been good. I won't go as far as saying great, but it's the best I've had recently.

Back to the Hunt

There are a lot of local shops claiming to have a New York Style pizza, and that's all it is a claim. I still have not tried Annessos in Fresno, but we plan on it. I've heard some great things about their pizza, but I'm still longing for a New York or New Haven style pizza, but I know it isn't giving to happen.

As I said in another post, there is no way to get a New York or Nea Haven style pizza in Fresno or California since the air and water here are different than back east. We couldn't even get an authentic Chicago deep dish or a Detroit style pizza.

New York in River Park

Me & Ed's in River Park in Fresno calls itself Me & Ed's Coney Island, where they serve their version of a New York style pizza. For me, the only thing that makes it a very, very long shot of being a New York style is the slice's size (you can fold it over like a New York style) and the crust's thinness. Other than that, it isn't even close.
Me & Ed’s Coney Island SliceMap Quest

The dough doesn't have the flavor or texture of a New York style pizza. It's not even close, but it has to do with the air and water here in Fresno and Clovis. It isn't New York or back east water or air folks, and it never will be.

It's Time to Forget Back East

So, I'm just looking to find a great pizza here in Fresno or Clovis. I found one in Pismo, so I hope to find one here soon.

I want Patti to taste an authentic New York or New Haven style pizza without going back east, but I can see now that we'll have to make that trip back east soon.
A Typical New York SliceThe Sauce and Slice

I still believe Fresno/Clovis has a pizzapocalypse issue, though, and we need to get everyone on board, the community, the local politicians, and of course, the pizza shops, to come up with a recipe for an original Fresno/Clovis pizza, and it needs to happen now.

I know it can happen if we want it to happen.

I'm also looking for recommendations from you, our readers, regarding where we should go next for pizza. We're open to all suggestions, so comment away.

As always,

Buon Appetito!

Mark & Patti

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