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My review of a couple of new menu items at Friday’s in Fresno.

Mark-John Clifford
Fridays Rib MealThe Fast Food Post

What do you think of where you hear or read about a sauce that's a glaze and blaze?

Now take that thought about the sauce above and have it over ribs, chicken, or sirloin. Now, what do you think about that?

Last night we stopped at one of our favorite places to eat Fridays, and to our surprise, they had new menu items to check out.

Originally I wanted their fish and chips, and Patti wanted their chicken drumsticks with the whiskey bbq sauce.

Fridays' fish and chips have surprised me over the last couple of years. They are frozen, but the beer batter stands out as one of the top ten in Fresno.

Patti, when ordering the drumsticks, only wants the drumsticks, not the flats, and Fridays always accommodates us.

I believe it's because we go there so often and most servers and the managers know us.

It's always a pleasure when a manager or server makes it a point to say hello, ask us how we've been, and mentions it's great to see us. Now that's excellent customer service.

Back to the New Items

When we sat down, the server gave us our menus, and right away, I noticed a new item on the front cover. The name FRijitas hit me right between the eyes, along with a picture of chicken and sirloin sitting on rice.
Friday’s FRijitasFridays

There we also the words glaze and blaze. When I read the description further, the blaze part was the addition of spice to the great taste of the glaze made of whiskey and BBQ sauce. We were hooked and wanted to try.

The picture, of course, showed veggies—bell peppers, green and red, and onions to compliment the jasmine rice.

The onion thing that turned me off was the onions. After reading most of my reviews, you know I'm not that fond of onions. So I passed on the FRijitas.

So I started looking for the fish and chips when I saw something that made me look twice.

They now had the glaze and blaze for the ribs. That made me happy, and knowing how much I love their ribs; I figured this new glaze and blaze would kick them up a notch.

So we ordered; Patti ordered the FRijita and I the ribs. A perfect dinner was on its way.

Friday's Rewards Club

We're a member of the rewards club. Each time you dine at Fridays, you get points for your dinner bill. It works out to $1.00 for each dollar you spend on food and drinks. No points for alcoholic beverages, and you can't use the points toward those drinks, but you can get a soda, ice tea, and other non-alcoholic beverages.

You can also use those points towards dessert if you have room at the end of your meal.

My point is it's all worth it. When you sit down, you get complimentary chips and salsa. Not a huge perk, but it's still a nice touch.

Back to Dinner

With Patti's order of the FRijita came an order of chips and queso dip- so we ended up with two bowls of chips, one with salsa and one with the queso dip.

My ribs came next a little before Patti's FRijita's. It didn't take long before her dish arrived; I have to be honest, I was envious.
The Rib MealThe Food Advisor

I've had the ribs before, so I knew what I was getting, ribs, coleslaw (probably in the top ten of my coleslaw juices around town), and Fresno fires. Nothing new except for the blaze glaze.

Patti's fish looked so yummy. The sirloin was cooked medium, just the way she likes, and the chicken strips were a good size.

I didn't hear it sizzling, but they don't advertise it as a sizzling plate.

The Food Review

The ribs were falling off the bone as always. They were covered with the whiskey glaze, and when I took that first bite, I could taste the blaze they advertised. It was perfect with that sauce. It made the rib meal I've had over a dozen times even better than I expected.

Patti kept bragging about her FRijita with the sirloin and chicken. She said the chicken was juicy, and the sirloin was cooked perfectly. The whiskey glaze/blaze sauce added the right amount of kick to her dish.

The coleslaw I had was perfect as it always is. Not too much mayo and just the right amount of spice. They make a great coleslaw in my eyes.
Friday’s New FRijitasTwitter

Dipping the fried in the blaze/glaze sauce served on the side was the added heat I needed to go along with my ribs.

Patti almost finished her entire meal, which tells you how great the dish was. I couldn't finish my ribs, but I have about six left over to enjoy today for lunch. Yum!

Yes, I think you should give Friday's new menu a try. You won't be sorry. I know we weren't.

Buon Appetito!!!

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