My review of Habit Burger’s customer service, food quality, and cleanliness at 3 locations.

Mark-John Clifford
Burger Feast at Habit BurgerTrip Advisor

Patti enjoys Habit Burger more than I do, but I will admit that there are some of their dishes I do like.

This entire review is about customer service at three different Habit burgers. They each have their way of dealing with an issue, and only one has stood out after all are visits to these three locations.

Things That Happen

Not being fond of opinions isn't good when eating fast food since most places usually forget to delete the onions even after telling them no onions. 

I don't know how often that has happened at other fast food joints around town and even here at Habit Burger.

My issue with onions is a stomach thing. I loved onions as a kid and ate them cooked, raw, and fresh from the garden when my grandfather would harvest them. Then one day, my stomach gave me trouble, and it had to do with onions.

I can cook and sauté them for Patti and others, but I can't eat them. 

I love them in a soup if they are chopped small. I love them in stuffing if they are chopped so small they are not even noticed. 

I love their flavor when I cook, so once in a while, I will add a whole onion to the pan and take it out when it's time to eat. It works for me.
Sesame Seed BunTrip Advisor

I talk about this because between onions and sesame seeded buns; those are my biggest gripe when it comes to Habit Burger.

If I forget to mention it, as I sometimes do, I will get a sesame bun with the hamburger at Habit Burger, and when I bring it back and tell them I forgot to mention no sesame seeds, I get a look.

I can't describe the look, but it isn't a nice one, and it is my fault; I forget.

Once at the Clovis location, they just took the burger off the sesame bun and put the same burger on another plain bun. While that may sound like the thing to do, I've had times when the oil of the sesame seeds contaminates that burger and an epi pen was needed.

An Epi pen is what people with allergies carry around in the event of an incident. It keeps us alive. It's a fantastic pen, and Patti has had to use it a few times for me.

Back to Habit Burger-Clovis

The Clovis location is at the bottom of the list regarding customer service, cleanliness, and food quality.

This was our favorite spot for a long time, and then things started to go downhill over time. 

It started with cleanliness. The bathrooms smelled like the ones in rest areas that aren't cleaned often. I'm surprised the smell didn't fill the restaurants since this is a small spot.

The floor always felt sticky when we would go, and so did the tables and counters where you sit and eat. Not a great way of keeping customers happy and coming back.

Habit Burger-Fresno-River Park

This is still our favorite spot. Compared to the one in River Park, this one outshines in customer service, cleanliness, and food quality.

When I goofed and forgot to tell them about sesame see buns, they politely cooked me another burger and tossed the other away. 

They've never given me a look I've received at the Clovis location as I am a pain in the a** which I guess I am in a small sense.
Looking GreatFres Yes

Their restrooms are always clean and have very little smell most of the time. There's always that one time, though, but they are all clean and void of stench.

The food is excellent, and the only complaint I do have is the lettuce or something always seems to have the taste and smell of onions on the burger or other sandwiches.

I've mentioned it to the manager, but the response, which I understand, is the onions sometimes get in the lettuce or other condiments. 

It just irks me. I'm being a little too picky, but I want what I want, and I'm paying for it, so I should get what I want.

This is the place to go in Fresno, in my opinion.

Habit Burger-Selma

This is our new favorite out-of-town Habit Burger. They rate the highest in our opinion for customer service, cleanliness, and food quality.
Selma Habit BurgerYou Tube

We had the opportunity to dine there the other day, and once again, I goofed with my order, not thinking about the sesame seed bun. When I saw it, Patti went up to the counter, and the manager said he would replace it at no charge. Patti offered to pay as we have done at other Habit Burger,s, but he said no way. 

Other locations have sometimes charged and sometimes not. Although at different places like Clovis and Fresno, they always take the burger back and dispose of it.

At Selma, the manager offered to dispose of it or for us to keep it and take it home at no charge. Now, this is excellent customer service. 

You know I'll be recommending this location all the time now.

On top of that, this location was spotless inside and out, especially the restrooms. If you were desperate, you could eat in the restrooms fine. Not that you would want to, and I hope you wouldn't be that desperate.

The food quality was excellent. I ordered a hamburger, and to my surprise, I didn't smell or taste onions like the other locations we have dined. So I guess you can keep those onions out of things.

To say we were happy customers is an understatement. This location is huge and bright. Windows all around let in the light; it feels better than the other locations. 

All in all, this is the location I want to keep dining at, even though it's a little bit of a ride. 

If you decide to check it out, get on the 99 and head south. At the exit for Selma Toyota, take it and then take a right at the bottom of the exit. 

Maybe we'll see you there.

Buon Appetito!

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