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Getting politely snubbed by Councilmember Tyler Maxwell’s office about Fresno’s OWN pizza

Mark-John Clifford
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I've written a couple of times about the Great Fresno Pizzapocalypse that I want to change. I believe we deserve to have our OWN famous pizza like the cities of New York, New Haven, and other east coast cities.

Here is where it started today.

Starting on the ground floor of any grassroots effort has its many downfalls. Getting snubbed either politely or rudely is, of course, part of that life.

To be honest, no one wants to be snubbed; whether politely or not, because either way, you've been snubbed.

So that's where I'm at with the beginning of The Great Fresno Pizzapocalypse.

This was the first call of many coming to see if we could at least get some political figures behind this effort to put Fresno on the map for having its own famous original pizza.

To me, having a pizza named after Fresno like New York, New Haven, Boston, Chicago, and Detroit would be amazing.

Maybe I'm the only one with that thought now, but my goal is to get everyone in Fresno to jump on board and demand we get an original pizza developed in this great city.

Imagine the publicity for the city, the pizza shops, the winner, the sponsors, and everyone in the community. Everyone wins on this project.

How the community wins, you might ask, is simple. All community members would be invited to write about what they believe makes an original Fresno pizza. There could even be a winner for the best recipe if used. The possibilities are endless for everyone.

What's this going to take to become a reality? Great question, and I hope I can answer that here.

Do we need political sponsorship? Not in the sense of funding. We need politicians who believe in our city and want something more for Fresno. They want to see Fresno put on the map. Why not pizza?

We need community members who are proud of their city and want to see Fresno on the map for something unique. How many times have you thought of enjoying an authentic New York style of pizza after hearing about it from others? Or maybe it's one of the other east coast cities I mentioned.

Of course, you can find them frozen in the markets locally, but it would be fantastic if our pizza were in markets across the US like theirs. Agreed?
Me & Ed’s Coney Island New York Style (Attempt) PizzaMe & Ed’s

Whenever I walk into a Vons, Save Mart, or other market and see a frozen Detroit or New York style pizza, I wonder why Fresno can't do the same?

The thing is, we can if we get everyone involved.

We need restaurants, breweries, wineries, retail outlets, markets, and local businesses to join in this grassroots effort to have a taste-off for the best Fresno pizza and the most original.

Where would be the perfect place for the taste-off? I've got that figured also.

It should be at the Big Fresno Fair in the fall. What better place and event than at the Fair. Where else could this grassroots effort attract more attention and get the most publicity than the Fair?

All we have to do is find someone from The Big Fresno Fair with the same vision as I and others.

This isn't going to be as easy as I thought, as I can tell from the first phone call, but that's what grassroots efforts are about.

No great idea blossomed after one phone call. I expect to be dialing and emailing daily from this point on. If anything, the snub I received from the Council Members' office today inspired me to try harder and get more community members involved.

So what are you waiting for? Do you want to be part of the Great Fresno Pizza Apocalypse and find the best and most original Fresno pizza?

It's time to stand up for our city and declare we want our OWN pizza. We deserve our OWN pizza, and we will get our OWN pizza!

For more information and to get involved, comment here and keep watching for my comment back.

Fresno's OWN Pizza is going to happen.

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