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Another review on dining at The Dog House Grill.

Mark-John Clifford
Dog House GrillThe Collegian - Fresno State

After less than an exciting evening of dining at Lazy Dog in Fresno, we opted for a night of eating back at Dog House Grill, which lately has had some bad reviews in the papers.

So I thought it best to check out things since we've usually had great food when we have dined in at Dog House.

The food we had last night was no exception. While Patti had her regular steak taco with no cheese, I opted once again for the hot dog with no onions.

I'm not one for adding ketchup to my hot dogs. As a kid, I would go to the ballparks with my uncle, and he would always order the hot dogs with just mustard, relish, and onions. I remember him saying, "never add ketchup to a hot dog. A hot dog was not meant for ketchup." Who was I to argue?

I don't know where the at rule came from, but if you asked him, he would tell you it's a given fact that hot dogs and ketchup don't go. I've always thought ketchup isn't that bad, but every time I get ketchup on a hot dog, I think of him giving me his take.

I will admit that I never add ketchup to my hot dogs at home. The only toppings are mustard, relish, and sometimes sautéed ground beef.

Back to the Dog at Dog House

The hot dog is an all beef hot dog, and I'm glad they cut it in half and serve it flat on the bu because I can't see trying to bite into that hot dog and bun.

Not the best pic of their hot dog, but it’s there.Facebook

The way it is, flat on the bun is still a trial. I eat it open-faced with a fork and knife. I know that's not standard, but it works for me.

The hot dog is grilled to perfection with just the right amount of snap when you bite into it. The bun is toasted and prepared with mustard, ketchup, relish, and onions, if you ask.

I've never tried this, but I hear you can add cheese and chili if you want. Maybe I'll give it a whirl one day and let you know my take on the classic chili dog.

The Steak Taco

Patti is in love with their steak tacos. One is her limit, which seems to be what most people order, one taco.
Steak TacoDog House Grill

When you see this steak taco, it's huge. It's full of steak, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese (if you want it), and salsa on the side. You couldn't ask for more. 

Well, I guess you could ask for chili and other stuff on it, but it's a mouthful and then some as it comes.

I've never tried it, but Patti brags about it. I try to get her to try other items, but it's the steak taco or Tri-tip sandwich for her.

That's cool since there are certain things I like at certain restaurants I have all the time while she tried to get me to try new things. It doesn't happen.

Spicy Chicken Wings

Now, these are crispy chick wings the way they should be, unlike the fiasco at Lazy Dog the other night.
Crispy WingsTwitter

These wings are not only crispy but spicy also. Everything is in the batter, and they come with nothing on the side unless you want ranch or blue cheese for dipping.

Those are true crispy wings, and Lazy Dog should take some lessons.

Give the wings a try; you'll be happy if you haven't already.

Well, that's it for this review. Thanks for reading, and let us know if you have eaten at Dog House and what you're favorite dish is or your worst experience. 

Buon Appetito!

Mark & Patti

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