The rib meal at Dog House Grill is the right choice.

Mark-John Clifford
The Rib Meal at Dog House GrillMark-John Clifford, Author

The other night Patti and I were trying to decide where to go for dinner.

We were tired of Habit Burger and Pieology. These fast food places are some of our favorites, with Pieology coming out on top.

I haven't written about Pieology, but that's coming soon.

Anyway, we finally decided on Dog House Grill. It's seemed the logical place to go for a change.

I usually stick to the hot dog, pulled pork sandwich, or the tri-tip sandwich. While Patti usually opts for the steak taco or the tri-tip sandwich, we switched up entirely on this night.

We were looking at the menu and deciding when I mentioned having the ribs. It sounded good, and Patti semi agreed.

I then noticed a rib meal with baked beans or salad and garlic bread on the menu. The thing I noticed most was the price difference. 

The ribs alone, which I believe you get a full rack, is priced at $24.99, while the rib meal with the sides and about 8 ribs is $15.00. 

This one was a no-brainer for me; I went with the rib meal. I know you're going to think I'm cheap, and sometimes I am, and this was one of those times, but Patti said to get what you want. I wanted a bargain, and that was the rib meal.

After I said that and explained why Patti shocked me and said she wanted to same.

So that's what we ordered.

If you have never had the ribs at Dog House Grill, you have to try them once. After that, you most likely will be hooked as I am and now Patti.

The Ribs:

The ribs at Dog House Grill are not only fat, juicy and tender pork ribs, but they are the best ribs I've had so far. Of course, I'm leaving room for tasing other rib places, but right now, Dog House holds the number one spot in my heart.
The RibsMark-John Clifford, Author

I usually order the BBQ sauce on the side and dunk the ribs, but Patti opted for the sauce on the ribs, so I went with that for tonight.

Going with the sauce on the ribs was a great call. I always think of the mess the ribs with the sauce will make, but who cares. They are finger-licking good, and I didn't miss a drop of the BBQ sauce mixed with the pork juice running out of the ribs.

When I say tender, I mean incredibly tender. The pork falls off the bone easily, and it isn't stringy as one would expect. The meat melts off the bone and in your mouth.

The pork juices mixed with the BBQ sauce make for a gratifying dining experience.

The Baked Beans

The beans were tender, full of flavor, and a great side dish instead of their salad. I'm not a huge fan of their salads, so I tend to stay away from them. Not that I don't like the main ingredients, but the lettuce isn't my favorite. I would give anything if they started using more iceberg or romaine hearts to give the salad more depth.

Back to the beans

They have an underlying flavor of chili that makes for a surprise as you're enjoying them.

The beans at Dog House aren't the best I've had. That distinction goes to The Mad Duck, but these beans come in second, in my opinion.

Again I'm sure some readers may know better places to get baked beans, and I'd love to hear about them so Patti and I can give your favorite place a try.
The BeansMark-John Clifford, Author

Overall though, the beans are great. As I stated above, the beans are flavored perfectly with the hint of chili, and they have chunks of pork in them, which is a great surprise.

The amount they give you for a side along with garlic bread is a meal in itself.

In the end, you should plan a visit to Dog House soon to try out mine and Patti's suggestion of the rib meal. We don't think you'll be sorry.

Buon Appetito!

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