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The Habit Burger made me a fan again!

Mark-John Clifford
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We went to Habit Burger the other night, and I was impressed for the first time.

Habit Burger is Patti's all-time favorite hamburger place. For me, it's anything but a favorite.

I would take a Mcdonald's burger before Habit, but it's all because of one thing, onions.

A long time ago, when I did somewhat like Habit Burger, we went there to dine, and they had added onions to my burger after I said no onions.

Their solution when I complained was to swipe the onions off the burger and give me the sandwich back. That ticked me off so much I swore never to go back, even after they cooked me a new one when I complained to the manager.

Since then, when we go there for Patti, I go next door to Jersey Mike's and enjoy a sandwich of either Italian meats or their Philly Cheese Steak with no onions but extra peppers.

I think as a kid, I ate too many onions for my good, and now unless I cook them a certain way, I would instead use onion powder or dried onions in some cases for cooking.

On this particular night, though, I decided to give Habit Burger a chance again by ordering something different.

We go to the Habit Burger at River Park. Patti likes that location better than Clovis or Fig Garden in Fresno. She feels they do a better job at cooking their hamburger and fries. Plus, it's cleaner if you ask her or me.

I like going for the coffee shakes. That's right, coffee. Back east, where I went to college and hung out, Rhode Island, the state drink is coffee milk. It is so good, and then if you make a shake or malt, it's even better. Habit Burger did both coffee shakes and malts for a while, but they got rid of the malt since not many people requested it.

I was upset when they stopped the malted drinks, but I got over it quickly when Patti kept telling me to get a coffee shake and be happy they still had that, which I was.

Back to the other night

I decided to order the grilled chicken sandwich on a ciabatta roll without onions and lettuce. Lettuce will usually wilt when placed on a hot sandwich, which isn't the fault of anyone except the lettuce, so I go without.

I had never seen this sandwich before, but the server said it'd been there forever. I guess the teriyaki burger with pineapple blinded me to not order in fear of the onions. My bad.

Anyway, this night I skipped Jersey Mike's and went with the grilled chicken with teriyaki, tomatoes, and french fries.

Patti went with a burger with avocado and fries.
Patti’s BurgerMark-John Clifford Author

We decided not to have shakes this night since we wanted to try their ice cream sundaes.

I made the right choice, let me tell you. This was the best sandwich I have had at Habit Burger ever since we've been going.

I was so impressed I decided I had to write to tell you about it.

The chicken was tender and juicy, which is usually hard for breast meat to be, as you probably already know.

This chicken sandwich was unbelievable for a fast-food chicken sandwich. I know Habit Burger brags about their hamburgers, and according to Patti, the brag is worth it, but they should start pushing their grilled chicken.
My Grilled ChickenMark-John Clifford Author

If they don't get with the program of bragging about this sandwich, I guess I'll have to write more about it.

Patti's burger was tender, tasty, and juicy as usual. She has never had a bad burger at this location. The other two sites can't compete with the River Park location, according to Patti, if you want the low down on the places.

My advice is next time you visit Habit Burger, try the grilled chicken with teriyaki or barbecue sauce if that's your thing with tomatoes on a ciabatta roll and enjoy.

Buon Appetito

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