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Pizmo Cafe is the place to go for pizza and more. Another review!

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Food critics make errors every once in a while. That's what I did in yesterday's post.

If you read the post from yesterday, I spoke highly of the pizza from Pizmo Cafe in Pismo Beach, but I was upset with the owner and the pricing on one of the pizzas.

Today it was resolved when I spoke with Nathan, the owner of Pizmo Cafe.

We spoke as he was riding to work with his girlfriend. He was very thankful for my first review and understood my review from yesterday.

He explained that he didn't take my call on Friday because he didn't recognize my name and thought I was a salesperson trying to get through to him. That happens in business. It has happened to me.

He also wanted to take care of the pricing on one of the pizzas. The one I wrote about yesterday that was $48.00. He said they have a glitch with their register, and the girl that waited on us should have noticed the price.

I sent him a copy of the receipt, and he said he would take care of the overcharge when he got into work today. Thanks, Nathan.

I enjoy meeting owners, and so does Patti of all of these restaurants we review. Sometimes we meet the owners, and other times, the managers run the chain restaurants. Either way, I believe it's essential to meet them, hand them a copy of our review, talk to them, and get their take.

Now back to Pizmo Cafe.

Pizmo CafePizmo Cafe

As I said in my September and yesterday's post, what makes Pizmo'z pizza so great is the dough. If your dough is excellent, then the rest of the pizza will work.

You could have a lousy sauce or topping, which Pizmo's doesn't have, and that pizza that has a great dough will be just fine.

I always have said that pizza is the greatest equalizer. But, if the dough isn't up to par or above, that thought goes out the window with the pizza.

Coming from the east coast, where I feel the best pizza is made, makes it hard to judge the pizza in California or any other state.

I shouldn't say hard as I am more judgemental when eating pizza and writing a review.

Pizmo Cafe is the best I have tried in California to this date, and Patti and I have tried a bunch of pizza parlors. I found the perfect replacement for New Haven, New York, and Boston pizza right here in Pismo Beach. There is no other way to state this.

That's not to say that another pizza place won't come along our path and beat out Pizmo, but to be honest, I don't see that happening.

What a Pizza!USA restaurants

When I was talking with Nathan, I told him he needs to either open a Pizmo's here in Fresno or train some chefs up here to make the perfect dough.

I have also told some of the places here in Fresno they need to get their chefs down to Pizmo's to learn the art of dough making.

My grandmother always said that making the dough was an act of love. If you didn't love what you were doing, the dough wouldn't be good. Although she said this about cooking, she emphasized it when making dough.

Anay, my thanks to Nathan for reaching out to me and taking the time to chat with me this morning.

I jumped the gun on my review, and I sincerely apologize to Nathan. He's the type of owner his staff should be proud of, and I give him credit for having the best pizza in the eyes of Patti and me so far in California.

More than PizzaTrip Advisor

Make sure you're in Pismo Beach to go and dine at Pizmo's. They have more than pizza, by the way, and if you do eat there, let me know here about the food. That's our next journey to Pismo, Pizmo's, for dinner.

Thanks, Nathan!!!!

Buon Appetito!

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