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Finding the tastiest bread pudding around Fresno at Mad Duck

Mark-John Clifford
Bread Pudding from Mad DuckThe Bee

Last night Patti and I went to Mad Duck to enjoy some tater-tots. I’ve written about the tater-tots before at Mad Duck, and last night they were as good as all the other times.

They get them perfect every time, which is impressive. They are super crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. I know it’s all about the deep fryer, but the chef deserves credit for knowing when to take them out at just the right time.

But we’re not writing about the tater-tots today. Although before I get into the main subject for the day, I want to write about the hamburgers Patti and I had last night.
A Burger from Mad DuckDoor Dash

Patti opted for the California burger with no cheese and baked beans instead of fries since we had a basket of tater-tots sitting in front of us.

As usual, the burger was cooked perfectly with a bit of crunch to the outside but juicy and tender on the inside. The burger came with avocado and bacon as toppers, and according to Patti, it was delicious.
My BurgerThe Fresno Bee

I went with the burger with blue cheese crumbles and bacon on top. I cut the lettuce and onion out since I’m not a fan of onions and I don’t enjoy warm letuce. I did keep the tomatoe though because Mad Duck always has fantastic fresh tomatoes.

I also opted for the baked beans, which by the way are either whiskey or bourbon infused and tasted fantastic.

If you do go to Mad Duck you need to try the baked beans, you won’t be sorry.

Now let’s get down to what we’re here to read about. Bread Pudding.

First do you know about bread pudding? Since I moved here 15 years ago I haven’t see bread pudding on a menu at the places we’ve dined at. That’s not just in Fresno either, that’s pretty much all over the valley and the coast.

I don’t know why, but all I can figure is that it’s mainly an east coast thing and it’s something I’ve been longing for.

We’ve been to the Mad Duck often as you know if you follow us here and we have never looked at the desert menu. It’s pretty easy to miss on the menu since there are only three items. There’s cheese cake, made by the chef, an oreo peanut butter pie (I can’t have that being alergic to peanuts), and finaly the bread pudding, the star of last nighte meal.

When I saw bread pudding listed topped with vanilla ice cread from Ampersand (a local ice cream shop that I’ll write about soon) I hoped for a great treat. First to be honest I was shocked that they even had bread pudding listed.

When I got excited Patti asked why was I so excited about bread pudding. She wasn’t sure she had ever had it, although her mother baked a great deal in the past and she thought she might have made it once, but she didn’t remember.

Bread pudding is the treat of al treas. It’s the top of the desert menu for me. I will take a good bread pudding over anything else listed on a menu.

So being surper excited last night is something for you to see. The first thing I did was ask the server about it and he claimed it was excellent. So that made it even more exciting and wanting for me.

Bread pudding for me is one of those rare treat that isn’t just desert. It’s the great equalizer in life. It’s warm, full of cinnamon and other spices and when topped with ice cream or whipped cream, I’ve had both it is truly better than any other desert you’ll ever have.

I can’t give the excat reason why I’m saying this. Probably because I’m from back east and enjoyed bread pudding all of my life when I lived there. As I said above I’ve been here 15 years and have never seen it on a manu till last night.

Let’s get back to the bread pudding. Mad Duck’s version was huge. I couldn’t believe the size they served us to start. Plus it had a giant scoop of vanilla ice creadm on top that wasn’t melting as fast as I thought it would. Bread pudding is served warm, almost hot and you would think the ice cream would have melted, but I’m thinking the chef used some very cold ice cream so it wouldn’t just melt away.

The inside was a fantast blend of bread, pudding and loads of cinnamon. The top had a cinnamon and carmel sauce that also topped the ice cream.

When I used my spoon to cut into the piece of bread pudding I was tasting on my side, I was sharing it with Patti, the sppon just cut through the bread easily. I filled it with the bread, pudding, and ice cream as well as a gernerous scoop of cinnamon sauce and enjoyed.

It was extremely hot inside which I stupidly didn’t think about and my I was looking for my glass of water to help with the heat. I took some deep breaths with my mouth covered and instantly transported back to the east coast where I enjoyed eating bread pudding all the time.

It truly made me fell at home again with that one mouthful and I couldn’t wait for the next. When I took the next spoonful I added a little morre ice cream to tame the heat of the pudding.

Patti finally took her first bite of the bread pudding and was all smiles. She couldn’t get over the flavor and said she hadn’t had anything as good or like that, that she could remember. I was batting 1000.

Bread pudding for is a comfort food. It’s something you have after a great meal with coffee or whatever you decide to drink with it. Even though you may thing it’s super sweet, if made correctly like the one at Mad Duck it isn’t. No matter if it’s ice cream or whiped cream (if both are made from a great source) doesn’t add as much sweetness as you would think. The cinnamon and carmel sauce also didn’t add as much sweetnes as you would think since the bread takes up a great deal of the sweetness and whisks it away when you’re eating.

Bread pudding is a treat you should try right away. Whether you go to Mad duck or find it in another restaurant in town (please let me know about it) it’s what you should have either as a desert after a great meal or just as the main course with coffee for a trea.

Buon Appetito!

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