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Fridays hamburgers on a Friday night out

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A Fridays

If you follow my reviews, you know already I'm a huge TGI Fridays now know as Fridays fan. Since my days of living on the east coast in New York and Boston, I've been a fan. I've written a few times about Fridays, but here's a post that genuinely goes into more detail about my history with Fridays back east and the one here in Fresno. 

Last night was no exception. Patti and I were driving around thinking about what we wanted to eat when I remembered I had points towards food at Fridays.

They have this email club that you can join; this isn't a paid review either nor a sale pitch. I'm giving you the scoop on something I find worthwhile and helps with the cost of eating out.

By signing up to their email club, you automatically get chips and salse whenever you eat at any Fridays. You tell the server you're a member and give them your phone number or account number, and voila, a bowl of chips and salsa arrive.

That's just the appetizer to the club. Where it shines is when you order. You get points for spending money on food. I believe it's 1 point for each dollar you spend.

Before you get excited about the points, remember you don't get points for alcoholic beverages. Sorry. But if you did, that would be a win-win for the customer for sure.

The thing is, the points do add up as you keep going. For example, last night, we had a little over 120 points, which purchased one hamburger meal. 

They have different reward levels starting at 30 points for non-alcoholic beverages like ice tea and soda. Then as you accumulate points, you move to different levels of rewards. 

Overall, over the past few years, we have saved some serious money when we dine there. We've actually gone in there with enough points one time where all we paid for was our alcohol. Not a bad deal if you ask me.

Enough with the email club. Let's get into this review.


I have wanted a good hamburger for a few days, and Patti is a fan of Habit Burger, which I like, but they're not my favorite in town. I would rather have a burger at Dog House Grill or Fridays before any place else.

I know there are some other great hamburger places in Fresno, Clovis, and around the area, and I promise to keep trying out the ones you recommend.
Another BurgerBusiness Insider

For now, though, Fridays wins whenever I want a great-tasting hamburger. I just had to convince Patti to try a hamburger at Fridays.

We had the points, and I thought she would go for a salad, but after hearing me brag about the hamburgers from our last visit, Patti gave in and ordered a burger. 

I ordered the whiskey glazed burger, and Patti ordered the bacon cheeseburger without the cheese but with avocado in place of the cheese.

By the way, we didn't order an appetizer last night since we already had had chips and salsa and were ordering an alcoholic drink, which I'll talk about in a bit. Plus, we were trying to go cheap last night for a change.
A Pair of BurgersFridays

Anyway, we ordered the hamburgers cooked medium, and as always, they were done to perfection—charbroiled, juicy inside, pink centers, and all the fixings that go with the burger. 

The lettuce wasn't wilted like other restaurants we've dined at, and the tomatoes were fresh, crisp, and juicy. 

For me, the sign of a great hamburger is when you cut it in half or bite into it, and the juices come running out either into your plate or all over your mouth and fingers.

That first bite into your burger tells you everything about what your about to enjoy. If that bite is dry or tasteless, then you know you're in for a horrible dining experience. It happens pretty often, as I'm sure you are aware, but on Fridays, I can say it's never happened. At least not let.

Try the burgers. I promise you won't be sorry. If you get a burger not to your liking, though, make sure to tell your server. I've found that the servers, chefs, and managers at Fridays to be highly accomodating when there is an issue with the food. Isn't that what service and dining out is all about?

The Drinks

Patti ordered a blended margarita. I know this isn't a hard drink to master, but Fridays does it the best as far as I'm concerned. For that matter, in the old days, their drinks were more of a specialty than their food. But over the years, things have changed, and their food is just as great as their drinks.

I ordered an Ultimate Long Island Ice Tea. I love Long Island Ice Tea, and not because I'm from back east. The first time I tried a Long Island Ice Tea was when I was in Chicago for a business meeting and fell in love with the taste. I've been a fan ever since.
Long Island Ice TeaTrip Advisor

Fridays make the best-tasting Long Island Ice Tea I've ever had. I've tried this drink at many restaurants over the years, and not one of them can compete with a Fridays Long Island. 

I know the bartenders go through a great deal of training to work at Fridays, but the consistency from Fridays to Fridays for a drink is unbelievable. That's what makes a restaurant go from poor to excellent in my book, consistency.

In The End

Look, I can sit here all day and give you the reasons why you should go to Fridays. I don't get paid for these reviews like many food and restaurant critics do. I write or video these reviews to give you some choices when dining out with honesty based on our experiences. So if I say a place is great to try, you can take that statement to the bank. Will you have great experiences as we did? No one can promise that, but I can tell you that every restaurant, like the ones we review here, have done their best at making our dining experiences enjoyable.
A Fridays MargaritaTrip Advisor

I can't brag about Fridays enough, though. I remember when I first moved to Fresno in 2006 and went to Fridays. It wasn't at all, as I remembered from back east. The food wasn't up to par, nor were the drinks. New management, new workers changed all of that, and I'm glad we gave them another chance a few years ago.

Buon Apetito

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