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Going maskless on June 15 is around the corner

Mark-John Clifford
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June 15th is around the corner, and I spent the last couple of weeks talking with people about what it means and how they feel about it.

I'm calling June 15th mask relief day; I figure why not? We've had comic relief with Robin Williams, Billy Crystal, and Whoopie Goldberg, and we've had gastro relief from anti-acid pills for years, so why not mask relief day?

It's all courtesy of now just the Governor and CDC, but us. THat's correct. If it weren't for us doing the right thing for the past year, we wouldn't be at this point.

I asked one person if they were looking forward to mask relief day, and I was surprised by their initial answer. "No!" They stated that at first, they were excited, but since then, they have seen people already not wearing their masks and worry if things will heat up before we get to the 15th. They figured that if people keep not wearing their mask now, they'll be told to keep wearing it when the 15th comes around, especially if the numbers go higher. Why be disappointed?

Another couple I Ran into at a local store weren't wearing their masks and said, "why wait till the 15th?" "The CDC said we could go without masks already. The Governor is stalling as usual."
No Masks No

During a Zoom call with a friend, I asked him was he excited about the upcoming mask relief day? He said he was, but he had reservations about going out into the public without a mask. "It's been so long I don't know how I'll feel without my mask?"

A few others that I talked with seemed to feel the same way. They're not sure whether it's a good thing right now. They stated, "what if things go the other way and we have to wear a mask again?" Which seemed to be the common statement for some of the people.

I also found a group of people who have already taken it into their own hands not to wear masks even when asked to at the local restaurants and stores. They said they just walk out and go to a different store where they don't have to wear their masks.

The Professionals Point

Dr. Annabelle De St. Maurice, an assistant professor of pediatrics at UCLA, had this to say about how things may go.

"People may choose to wear masks for longer than others, and may choose to wear them indoors," she said. "We really shouldn't be shaming people for doing that and being cautious."

More Voices

During another talk with friends, some of them expressed their concern that this holdup by California was just a political move and didn't see a good outcome on June 15th.

When I asked them to explain, their response was, "wait and see." Not a great answer if you ask me, but they have their reasons.

Most people I talked with in Fresno are excited that mask relief day is coming and can't wait. They want to "feel free again," as one woman stated.
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The other feeling I felt through these interviews was the anxiety of everyone about June 15th. There was this tension in everyone's voice when the topic of June 15th was discussed. Everyone had answers, but they held back a little in their enthusiasm to answer.

Let's hope June 15th happens and goes according to plan.

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