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Crime is on the move to Clovis

Mark-John Clifford
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I moved to California in the summer of 2005. Before that, I had lived on the east coast since coming to the States when I was 14.

I've lived in Boston, Providence, New York and visited countless other cities worldwide, and in every one of them, there is a crime. Shooting, robberies, rapes, domestic abuse, scams, and any other crime you can name, but when I moved here, there was one city that, according to the papers, the police, and residents, had virtually no crime.

Fresno, where I live now, is a city of over 500,000 residents made up of a diversity of ethnicity.

I wouldn't say it is equally balanced based on current census figures but it reminds me of New York City for the breakdown.
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Before I moved to Fresno some five years ago, I lived in Clovis with the family. We lived in a very nice neighborhood, not overly priced, but just priced right.

Our kids attended Clovis schools which was supposedly a big deal, but I didn't see a significant difference in teachings from other systems.

The neighbors were considerate compared to New York neighbors of the past and were always ready to lend a helping hand if needed.

What I found funny was the lack of crime or the reporting thereof in the City of Clovis.

It was almost like being in a television series where you lived in the perfect neighborhood, and everyone else was trying to move there.

For many residents then and now, Clovis is the idyllic neighborhood, school system, and life you want.

Of course, things change.

Most of the crimes reported in the papers and on television happened in Fresno; over the years, that crime wave is starting to invade Clovis.

This past weekend, there was a shooting in Old Town Clovis where two people were shot at a local bar, and one was wounded.

A suspect was detained for questioning but then released after detectives felt insufficient evidence to charge the suspect.

What's ironic is that it was reported on television and in the local newspaper, The Fresno Bee.

It seems that crime has now made its way into Clovis. Although, to be honest, crime has always been in Clovis, it just doesn't get reported.

Why would you want to tarnish the reputation of an idyllic City by reporting crime? It could cause residents to move, or future residents consider not moving to Clovis.
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When writing the past few articles about crime in Fresno, there were a few comments from readers who said that's why they moved to Clovis from Fresno to get away from the crime and homelessness issues.

Crime has always been in Clovis, albeit it hasn't made the news. They keep a tight lid on what's happening within the city limits. It's as if Fresno and surrounding cities are the only ones with crime, and Clovis is exempt, except for some minor infractions.

But things are changing, and the new police chief and city leaders are now reporting crime and letting people know what's going on within the city limits as it should be.

Fresno, Bakersfield, Clovis, Visalia, and the other central valley cities all have their share of crime, some more than others, but we all share in the crime wave growing daily.

Crime isn't going away, and it seems to have grown considerably in the last year with the pandemic. You know that old saying "idle hands."

Things are changing in our cities daily. Driveby shootings are a daily event no matter where you live. Scams are popping up all over, and they're using sophisticated mechanisms to make them happen.

The criminals are not afraid to carjack vehicles from older citizens, nor are they afraid to rob them at their ATMs or steal a handbag from older women. It's life on the streets in 2021 and beyond.

Are there cities with no crime? I'm sure some small city out there has no crime, but then you have to wonder if it's not just being reported.

For now, I'll stay in Fresno and deal with the gunshots at night, the drivebys, the robberies, the purse snatchings, and everything else that's thrown at us because at least it's being reported to the residents, and it helps us to know where not to be.

  • Backgroundon crime information courtesy of The Fresno Bee
  • Census bureau information courtesy of Census Bureau, 2020

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