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A Pirate Looks at Fresno

Mark-John Clifford

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Avast You Land Lubbers!

Yes! There are pirates in Fresno, and today you're going to read a little about them and their deeds.

But first, a little background on the pirates of the past to now. It's a tale of greed, giving, honor, loyalty, ethics, and many other attributes that are both good and bad.

Once Upon a Time

Back in the day, pirates either stole for themselves or others. They buried treasure for the future and stole treasure for the present.

They were helpful to the poor by not stealing and sharing their good fortune with them. Some pirates were greedy and could care less about anyone, even their crew, except for themselves.

But don't think pirates were only around in the early centuries. Over the pirates, a different breed of pirate emerged throughout the world. Pirates used their words and pens to steal—pirates who didn't have ethics or a code of honor to follow.

Once Upon a New Time

There were pirates in banking. Pirates in the corporate world. There were pirates on Wall Street and in the major financial sectors around the world. There were even pirates in retail. Pirates were everywhere.

I know this because I was once a pirate. Until 1995 when the FBI and the Justice Department trimmed my sales, I enjoyed sharing the spoils of being a pirate. I came from a background of helping others via my Mom and Dad. I remember watching them always helping others who were less fortunate, even sometimes to the point where we were longing for things that we couldn't afford due to helping others.

What was important, though, was that I learned to help others. So when I began my piracy on the open financial waves, I took from the rich and gave to the poor. Then there were times when we took from the rich, and the spoils just sat. This tale isn't to exonerate me from the crimes I committed. I am guilty and deserved what I was given.

The point is pirates abound throughout the world in many different ways, and it's their code of honor or ethics that differentiates each group.

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Pirates in Fresno

In Fresno, like other places, the pirates now seem to have no code of ethics or honor. The pirates range from porch pirates to carjacking pirates to pirates who rob people at the ATMs. There are pirates in all corners of Fresno using highways, byways, railways, and runways to pirate.

The pirates now, especially in Fresno and Clovis, have their own set of rules. They steal from anyone, rich or poor, to benefit themselves. There is no giving to others or helping others. It's all about taking.

We have pirates that steal identities. They either work alone or pirates within gangs. Nothing and no none is safe from these pirates.

The pirates in Fresno will knock over a person walking down the street to grab a pocketbook or a wallet.

They'll shoot a vendor or commit a drive-by for no reason and then steal what they can from that person.

No Code-No Ethics

As I stated above, there is no ethics or honor. Even the saying honor among thieves doesn't exist any longer.

Fresno and Clovis aren't the only cities with pirates. They abound throughout the world in the present, and they prosper at our expense.

Every day, there's another video shared on YouTube or a new network of a porch pirate making off with a family's goods. They steal a box or boxes, not knowing the bounty they retrieved while not caring about how their act hurts a family.

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Maybe it was a toy for a kid's birthday or a gift for a relative or friends for theirs/ The pirate doesn't care.

The pirates break into mailboxes and steal credit cards, checks, and anything else they find. They toss the unwanted mail in the streets or dumpsters and keep the valuable bounty.

They steal identities and use them to raid bank accounts, charge up credit cards, and in some cases get more credit under their newfound identity.

The pirates of Fresno are fast, unsuspecting, and don't have a care in the world. It's about them and their own greed.

The pirates of Fresno are independent for the most part, and those are the ones that eventually get caught.

There are teams of pirates who work together in gangs or just working the neighborhoods, and it's those pirates that are harder to catch. There are so many that unless there's a video, they go unscathed by their actions.

Piracy is alive and well in Fresno, Clovis, and around the world. We're only a small section of their bounty, but it still hurts many.

I learned my lesson back in the day of my piracy. I saw what many of my actions did to others and realized a pirate life for me wasn't the answer.

Will the pirates of the present and future see that at some point? One can only hope.

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