Life is Mishegoss-What a Concept

Mark-John Clifford

Mishegoss: Yiddish for crazy, insane, or mad. It can either be good Mishegoss or bad; it doesn't play favorites.

Right now, we're living in a time of Mishegoss, and it's going both ways. I read the other day that due to the pandemic, adoption at the animal shelters is up. That's good—the bad, waiting for a vaccine.

Living during this pandemic, I believe, will be something that we will all remember for years to come. It will be the storyline of many movies, books, and series on television. Not to leave out podcasts. I have a podcast, not very active, but it is there called Coronavirus Mishegoss. From the very beginning, it was meant to be a comedy, but after seeing things as they happened, I couldn't bring myself to joke about what was happening. I put the podcast to rest in hopes of bringing it back as an aftermath of the pandemic. I didn't have it in me to keep reporting what was happening. Now that's the bad side of Mishegoss.

The good side is when you read a story like I did the other day where animal shelters are finding more homes than ever for dogs and cats due to the pandemic. So as I said, there's good and bad, Mishegoss.

During times like these, what we do is more important than what we don't do and help others and help ourselves and our loved ones. This moment in time is frozen forever in our memories. We won't wake up one morning and say it never happened. We won't wake up thinking it was all a dream. Our children won't wake up feeling it was a lousy bed time story. None of that will happen.

What will happen in the future? Who knows. I know, I don't know. I do know I won't forget these times. I have never forgotten about spending ten years in federal prison, so I don't see how I will forget this time.

THinking of prison, I remember when the lockdowns first started, and people were complaining, saying it was like being in prison. IF they only knew.

I was interviewed on a podcast just about those people and their thoughts of being in prison. When asked by the host what it was like in prison, not jail, but a prison, I gave him the rundown on an average day. 

Like having to take showers at certain times of the day, not just any old time, having to hoard toilet paper because you may not get another roll for a couple of weeks. One roll doesn't go as far as you think.

Not being to get on a phone whenever you wanted or talk for as long as you wanted. You were allowed 300 minutes a month of phone time except during Christmas, and then you received 400 minutes.

That's just a taste of being in prison. 

Being asked/told to stay in unless necessary to go out is a heck of a lot different from being ordered to remain in your 6x8, 8x10, or whatever size cell.

Being told to stay in where you have a fridge, a bathroom, toilet paper, and food at your disposal is quite a lot different than being told to stay in a home. 

Of course, you can read this and think, we're being told to stay in, wear a mask, and many other orders, but there isn't a guard or armed guard watching you or controlling your movements. You may feel that way due to the police or other authorities, but they are not standing over you in reality. You're not on camera. You don't even get counted like it is done in prison or jail.

Yes, Life is Mishegoss, and sometimes it takes a pandemic, being locked up in prison, having an emergency that is life-threatening either to you or a loved one, or anything that disrupts our daily lives to realize how mishegoss life is.

Are there ways to deal with all of the Mishegoss? Of course, there is, and that's why I do a podcast about it.

I host a podcast called Life is Mishegoss. What a Concept. You can find it here. Take a listen one day and if you enjoy it, subscribe. The thing is, most of what I'll be writing on New Break will come from that show and other projects I am working on with Patti.

The podcast started over three years ago as It's All Mishegoss, where I talked about anything that came to mind. Some shows even including our grandkids to round out the show. That made for some awesome funny content to feed off.

Then we changed the name to ADHD! It's All Mishegoss (which ADHD is), and we changed the content to embrace life with ADHD. Patti and I are both ADHD. I've been living with it for 60 years and Patti for about 30. We have lots to talk about and share with others.

The new name Life is Mishegoss-What a Concept that came out of a need to switch up during this pandemic and tiring of talking ADHD all the time.

It happens to the best of us when we continue to talk about health issues. For example, years ago, when I first started to podcast, I spent 2 1/2 years hosting a talk show about diabetes on BLog Talk Radio after being diagnosed in 2008. I hosted the call-in show five nights a week, and on Saturday morning, I did a kid show about diabetes.

That took a toll on me, my family, and everything going on around me. I needed a break.

Since the pandemic has arrived, I have found that I need to occupy my time with more work. I wanted to get back into writing, but the only place I have written in the past couple of years has been Medium, and to be honest, I haven't been happy there.

Then I heard about News Break. I applied and was accepted. Note to readers: I am not the best at writing, but I enjoy writing. I had a publication on Medium for a couple of years called Imperfect Writers of the World, which I am one. 

It was a place for writers to write without fear of editing. As an editor, I was only fussy about content—no politics, no hate, no religion, or anything else that would raise controversy. I wanted the publication to go smoothly. In the end, some readers took offense to me, letting writers get away with grammar and spelling mistakes. My goal was to get people writing again and enjoying it. I did that.

Here you may find spelling and grammar mistakes, but knowing whatever is here in the written word or on the podcast is from my heart and soul.

See you soon!


P.S. If you didn't notice from what's written above, I also have a severe case of ADHD, which I'll again be writing about.

P.P.S. Above graphic designed by me on Canva.

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