Travis Kelce's Net Income vs. Taylor Swift's - A Wide Gulf Now - But Not So Much in the Future

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Travis Kelce is worth significantly less than Taylor Swift. The gulf is quite wide between the two right now.

But down the road, in terms of their annual income - not net worth - the difference might not be as different as you may think in the future.

For example, if they were to marry, there would likely be a litany of lawyers involved - crafting a prenup agreement.

They would be focused on the income that each party generates going forward.

So, let's take a look at the net income disparity between Travis and Taylor - especially by the time they might marry.

Travis Kelce's Income

According to reports Kelce makes a base salary of $11.25 million a year with the Kansas City Chiefs in 2023. That rises to $12.0 million next year and $16.25 million in 2025.

He makes more for in-person roster appearances at games and workouts, such that his 2023 salary is capped at $14.8 million. That could rise to $15.51 million in 2024 and $19.8 million in 2025.

By the end of 2025, he will need to sign a new contract.

In addition, he makes money from an ever-growing number of TV and other ad appearances. Estimates are that he presently makes at least $3 million a year.

That puts his total income at $17.8 million for this year, and it could rise substantially by the end of 2025 to between $23 million to $25 million.
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Taylor Swift's Income

Apart from her considerable income from investments, Taylor Swift is estimated to have made substantial amounts this year:

  • Ticket sales and merchandise purchases totaled $700 million from her Eras tour this year, according to Bloomberg. This does not include merchandise sales. That could be an additional $150 million. Assuming her take is roughly 40% of these amounts, her net income likely was at least $340 million this year.
  • And it's not over. She is headed overseas starting on Nov. 9 in Buenos Aires, Argentina and will be touring all through 2024. She could make an additional $300 million next year from her touring.
  • Her new movie Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour has generated $123 million in ticket sales so far this year. If she keeps roughly one-third of that amount, after splits with movie theaters, her take so far is $41 million.
  • Sales of her albums and royalties could have brought in an additional $80 to $120 million this year alone, according to Bloomberg.

That brings her total non-investment income this year to about $500 million: $340 million from her touring, $41 million from the movie, and $120 million from her music.

This is an extraordinary year. Taylor Swift will likely tour for at least 3 or 4 years from now.

So, if she were to marry Travis Kelce next year or in 2025 when she stops touring, for example, her non-investment income might be about $120 million to $150 million annually.

That compares to $25 million that Travis might end up making starting in 2025. In other words, both are wealthy, but her (non-touring year) income would be just 6 times his income in 2025.

That might be substantially less than some might think.

But what is important here is that both won't be hurting for money. They won't have to have many discussions about finances as an issue in their marriage.

And remember that is what counts in a prenup agreement - not your net worth - but your income compared to your spouse.

This could lead to some lasting and interesting dynamics between these two celebrities.


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