Google Just Launched a New Search Product Called Search Labs - a Generative AI Search site

Mark Hake

Google already has a chatgpt-like artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot called Bard that rivals OpenAI's Chat GPT site.

Now they have just launched Search Labs - a generative AI search site. This is an experimental version of its popular Google search engine - but uses AI to help generate content. Generative AI allows the user to create new content, such as text, images, audio, and video.

For example, Google says Search Labs is "a new way for you to sign up to test bold new products and ideas we're exploring."

You still have to type a query into the Search Labs search engine. The Search Labs output will still include snippets of sites, content, and ads. But Wired magazine says in addition, Search Labs will include

" text synthesized by AI that pulls from information found on different sources across the web, and link to those webpages. A user can ask follow up questions to get more specific information."
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What Search Labs Can Do

Wired says that the output from Search Labs will be tamer than OpenAi's Chat GPT. For example, it will not include

" anthropomorphized persona and avoiding topics that might be deemed controversial, such as politics and medical or financial advice."

But it will provide summaries, bullet points, and more pointed links related to the underlying query.

This, for example, will be especially useful to people writing articles, or summaries and/or need to develop content quickly from what is available online. Google calls this Search Generative Experience:

"... As you search, you can get the gist of a topic with AI-powered overviews, pointers to explore more, and ways to naturally follow up."

It will also help coders to write code better by providing code tips. It will allow you to add search results directly to a spreadsheet.

In effect, Google is trying to fine-tune its AI abilities to compete with Microsoft. Microsoft has been incorporating OpenAI Chat-GPT data and information in their new Bing search box.

To get to use Search Labs you have to sign up at their blog site.


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