Oklahoma Says Residents Have Until May 3, 2023, to Get a REAL ID Driver's License - To Fly on a Plane or Other Fed Sites

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Oklahoma's Dept. of Public Safety says its residents have until May 3, 2023, to get a REAL ID driver's license. That is what is needed on May 3, 2023, to get on a plane, enter a federal building with security, or even a military base or nuclear plant. Without it, you will need to lug around a passport everywhere you go on travel in the U.S.

The REAL ID driver's license has a gold circle with a white star in the upper right-hand corner. Here is what it looks like:

Oklahoma REAL ID driver's license.Photo byOK Dept. of Public Safety

This shows that the sample license from Oklahoma has a gold circle white star in the upper right-hand corner, based on the Dept. of Public Safety's website.

However, if you stick with a standard ID, you will have to bring a passport, passport card, or military ID to board a plane, enter a federal building (other than a post office, etc., that doesn't require security) or a military base or nuclear facility. On top of that here is what a standard OK license looks like (once you get a renewal):

Oklahoma Standard D.L.Photo byOK Dept. of Public Safety

This shows that there is a very onerous statement "Not for REAL ID Purposes" in the upper right-hand corner.

That is a very onerous statement. If fact, some people when viewing this, might think this is not a "real" ID. One can imagine that some uneducated people about the REAL ID requirements might even reject the driver's license as a valid ID.

The truth is that REAL ID driver's licenses are optional. You don't need them to vote, drive or apply for or receive federal benefits.

But there is the hassle factor to consider. Without it, you can't fly without a passport or other acceptable IDs (other than a standard driver's license). And your standard ID or driver's license could get further scrutiny or be misunderstood with the "Not for REAL ID purposes" tag on it.

That might give some people more impetus to get a REAL ID. Here is how to do that.

How to Get an Oklahoma REAL ID Driver's License or ID

Oklahoma has a separate checklist website on what documents are needed to present to the OK Dept. of Public Safety to get a REAL ID.

For example, to prove your identity you can present an unexpired passport or original birth certificate. These are the two most popular documents used for this identity document requirement.

The other documents for your identity you could present are a U.S. Naturalization/Citizenship Certificate, a Valid, unexpired foreign passport with a valid U.S. visa with a valid I-94 issued by DHS, a Consular Report of Birth Abroad, an Unexpired U.S. Permanent Resident Card, or an Unexpired U.S. Employment Authorization Card.

You also need to prove a Social Security Card or an unemployment stub with a Social Security number on it.

Lastly, you also have to bring two proofs of Oklahoma residency. Oklahoma has a complete list of these types of documents, but one of them can be your existing driver's license with your address on it that is current. You can also bring a utility bill or a bank statement.

How Much Does It Cost?

Oklahoma has a site that shows the cost of the REAL ID. For a first-time OK driver's license, it costs $42.50, and for renewal, it costs $38.50 (although for seniors age 62 and higher there are lower costs).

On top of those costs to convert a non-REAL ID-compliant driver's license or replace a compliant REAL license costs $25.00.

Bottom Line: Take Care of It Now

There could be long lines after the new year. Don't forget you have to come into a Dept. of Public Safety ("SOK") office to get the REAL ID and present these documents.

That means that now is probably a good time to move forward to getting the REAL ID license now, if you don't already have one.


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