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More Pictures From Governor Doug Ducey on His Shipping Containers at the Border

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Governor Doug Ducey yesterday (Aug. 16) released a second set of pictures on Twitter as well as a video of the Yuma area shipping containers that are closing gaps in the border.

The first set of pictures was released on Aug. 15, as shown in my recent story, "Arizona Governer Ducey Provides Pictures of Arizona Border Wall Fill-In in Yuma."

The first picture, a video, which can be seen here, shows a 180-degree view of the progress that is being made at the gap near the Morelos Dam.

The next set of pictures in a separate tweet can be seen below. The first below is a "before" picture.

It shows people going through a gap in the existing border wall. The next picture after that shows that the gap has now been filled.

This picture shows that two ship containers were laid between the border wall gap.

In fact, a third picture above shows that in another area there were three ship containers used to fill a larger gap.

On Aug. 12, Arizona Governor Ducey issued an Executive Order to immediately fill in gaps in the Yuma Border Wall.

The Governor will put 60 double-stacked shipping containers, reinforced with concertina wire at the top, in the gaps. As a result, construction began Friday morning, Aug. 12, on the thousand-foot gap in the border wall near Yuma, Arizona.

No Container Down

KTAR News reported on Aug. 16, that one shipping container was temporarily down on its side and provided a picture of that situation. The picture was taken Sunday evening Aug. 14 after the construction crew had left.

However, KTAR also said that by Monday morning that container ship had been righted and filled in the border gap. The news site said that it was not welded and bolted down by the time construction stopped Sunday night, according to Ducey's office.

According to the original press release by the Governor's office on Aug. 12, emergency management contractor Ashbritt is constructing the barriers

KTAR reported that an additional 2,000 feet of gaps could be finished within the next two weeks through more executive orders. This was based on their discussions with Ducey’s office on Aug. 12.

So far there have not been any additional executive orders other than the one issued on Aug. 12.


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