Movies Worth Seeing By a Guy Now at the Theater

Mark Hake

I went to see these 2 movies this weekend and I think they will catch your attention if you see both of them. Their plots were enthralling and as a guy, I still liked the second one, even though it was a love romance movie with very little action.

Emily the Criminal

The first movie, Emily The Criminal, shows the process of a college graduate, deep in debt, stuck with a low-paying service job, and turning to crime. But the transformation is slow and you understand each step of the way how she transforms from a petty thief to a major fraudster and full-fledged criminal.

And it's the process that is shocking since you can easily see yourself there, except for the grace of God. Emily, played brilliantly by Aubrey Plaza, is a college dropout who now has $70,000 in student debt, is stuck in a low-paying job, and accidentally finds a gig where she acts as a "D B" or dummy buyer. But, as you suspect, the DB money becomes enticing and Emily soon finds herself stuck with no option except to continue deeper down this path, leading to a life of crime.

We see her persona and personal philosophy change into an "ends justifies the means" justification for her every step as she sinks lower. Then there is no seeming way out. The movie keeps you guessing until the end on how she is going to redeem herself, if ever.

Where the Crawdads Sing

The second movie worth seeing, even though it's a straight-up love romance movie is Where The Crawdads Sing. So, I am a typical guy, and I normally would not go to a romance movie like this, unless, of course, I had to with a date.

But I could easily see that there was nothing else worth watching in a theater (having seen all the action movies) and I noticed that others seemed to like the movie. One way I judge that is how many are going to the movie each week. The Crawdads movie seemed to be hanging in there, especially since it is derived from a popular 2018 novel of the same name.

In fact, the movie cost just $24 million to make a has apparently grossed $87 million, so it's something of a success. The plot is a little weird, though. It's actually a courtroom drama with plenty of backshadowing and story-telling about the "marsh girl" who was the town reject and focus of a murder mystery, wrapped in a love story.

The mystery part is what kept me in the movie, not the romance part, which was all-too-predictable and basically unrealistic.

Here's the bottom line. If you have to see a movie with your girlfriend or someone you are trying to impress, this will probably do the trick. Otherwise, go see Emily The Criminal first.


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