Governor Ducey's Move to Fill in Border Gains National Attention

Mark Hake

Arizona Governor Ducey's move yesterday to fill in sections of the border wall using shipping containers has now gained national attention.

Since then Ducey's office has released a video on Twitter showing the beginning of the construction.

Fox News highlighted the story in an exclusive about the construction effort centered in Yuma in an order that directs the Arizona Department of Emergency and Military Affairs to fill gaps.

They quoted Ducey as saying this: "Arizona has had enough," Ducey said in a statement. "We can’t wait any longer.  The governor said was quoted as saying it was a "dereliction of duty" by the Biden Administration to address the crisis on the border.

Fox News said that Yuma Sector has seen a 242% increase in migrant encounters so far this fiscal year compared to last year. Fox News also quoted the Mayor of Yuma as saying that he welcomed the actions by Governor Ducey.

"Yuma has experienced the worst of the border crisis. We’re grateful to Governor Ducey for ingraining himself in this issue and finding solutions," said Nicholls.

Fox News wrote that since the Biden Administration canceled the Trump Administration's border wall construction massive migrant numbers have overwhelmed border communities. Ducey’s office said that nonprofits in Yuma County have been overwhelmed, with capacity ranging from 115%-160%.

The Daily Mail in the UK wrote that the Governor had started a "makeshift" border wall with barbed wire topped shipping containers. The paper wrote that the 126-mile Yuma section of the border has seen the highest spike of nine sectors of the border wall, two in California, two in Arizona, one in New Mexico and Texas, and four solely in Texas.

The paper wrote that Yuma has seen the third highest total number of 'encounters' this year - beaten only by Del Rio and the Rio Grande sectors, both in Texas. 

The New York Post in its story on the containers quoted Ducey’s director of communications, CJ Karamargin, that the decision came after the governor’s office has “been attempting to work with the federal government for months.” 

The Post quoted him as saying: “We have sent letters, they’ve gone unresponded…it’s just been very, it’s been super frustrating,” Karamargin said. 

The Post also said that Arizona had started sending migrants to Washington D.C. It has transported 1,425 people to D.C. on 38 buses.

Unlike Texas, Arizona has not yet started transporting migrants to New York City.


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