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Will It Snow in Flagstaff, Arizona By Christmas?

Mark Hake

The question of whether it will snow in Flagstaff, Arizona, and the surrounding areas by Christmas is now looking good. Today is one week before Christmas day and it now looks like there will be a good chance that there will be snow in Flagstaff.

The reason is that several weather forecasting sites predict there is a good chance of snow by Thursday, Dec. 23, and Friday, Dec. 24.

For example, Weather.com now indicates that on Thursday, Dec. 23, the temperature will be 42 degrees Fahrenheit (F) and that there will be rain/snow showers.

On Friday, Dec. 24, Weather.com indicates that the temperature will be 40 degrees F and that there will be snow in the morning.

In addition, flagstaff.com/weather reports that next Thursday the temp. is forecast to be 41 degrees F. The forecast for Friday, Dec. 24 is 39 degrees F.

However, the US Weather Service 7-day forecast for Flagstaff and the surrounding area is less clear about snow. It shows that the maximum prediction for precipitation for Dec. 23 is 48% and for Dec. 24 it is 56%. That means that on Friday, Dec. 24, there is a greater chance than not that there will be precipitation (i.e., rain or snow).

Historically There Has Been Snow

According to the site, howmuchwillitsnow.com/in/flagstaff/az, Flagstaff has had snow for Christmas in three of the last six years. This occurred in 2016 and 2019.

However, there was a situation in 2018, when it snowed on Dec. 26, the day after Christmas. So in four of the last six years, there has been snow during Christmas week. That leaves only two years (2020 and 2017) when there was no snow during the Christmas week.

That leads to a very high probability that this year, as well there will be snow in Flagstaff and the surrounding areas during Christmas week.

Bottom Line

Expect to see snow in Flagstaff on or before Christmas this year.

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